Saturday, August 19, 2006

GWOT is just another a reality TV show

* larry johnson:
"It is a week since news broke in London about an alleged plot to blow up nine commercial jetliners and there are emerging indicators that Bush and Blair exaggerated the truth about the actual readiness of the so-called plot. And yes, I mean so-called plot. Why would Bush and Blair hype a terrorist threat? A very simple answer. The White House was on notice that Seymour Hersh's story that the Bush Administration encouraged Israel to invade Lebanon as part of a broader scheme to set the stage for war with Iran. Tony Blair, Bush's enabler, went along with the ruse."
* digby:
"The GWOT is just another a reality TV show."

* tristero:
"This isn't funny, ladies and gentlemen and you, too, Republicans. It truly is hard to believe someone so ignorant and/or cynical commands the the most powerful military the world has ever seen. And he will accept no restraints whatsoever on his desire to do whatever he wishes."
* mcgovern:
"Mr. President, you can't just keep making things up - things like "unitary executive," and "unlawful combatant," and "military tribunals" and "enhanced interrogation techniques." You cannot make-believe them into law. These quasi-legal constructs are bound to come back to roost. The US Constitution is not just anther piece of paper. Indeed, it seems to be getting a new lease on life these days. Now you and your lawyers have run into a tough judge who takes the Constitution very seriously indeed and shows no sign of bending with the prevailing winds."

today the beeb is 'reporting' that some anon dude told them that the plotters had made martyrdom videos. do you buy it?

* this via ads:
'Defense witnesses said Thursday that Army Lt. Ehren Watada had no choice but to refuse orders to go to Iraq if he wanted to avoid complicity in what they called war crimes.

“I personally believe that the decision of the Bush administration to invade and occupy Iraq without getting the authority of the U.N. Security Council … falls into the category of a war of aggression, which is by international law a war crime,” said Ann Wright, a retired Army colonel and U.S. diplomat who resigned in protest of the war in 2003.

“So by a person saying ‘Yes, I’m going to Iraq,’ one could argue that just by doing that, that is participating in a war crime.”"

* this via calipendence, Kath Harris keeps exploding. makeherspenditall. more from tpmm:
Campaign Bravely Toes Line between Farce, Tragedy.
Tom Feeney: "It's very sad."


ewastud said...

There must be a damn good reason why the GOP have turned so strongly against Harris, and I am surprised that there is so little talk about it, just that observation. I think the Harris political fiasco lends itself to speculation. It cannot be blamed merely on her alleged corruption, because the GOP were distancing themselves from her long before Harris was publicly connected to the Cunningham corruption network.

My theory is that Jeb Bush and other powerful GOP politicians and operatives don't want Harris to gain any more power because of what information she has on them.

Harris is rumored to have been a mistress of Jeb Bush at one time, for instance. Also, her Dem cahllenger, Nelson, is allegedly in "tight" with Douglas Coe and the secret Fellowship organization in DC which sponsors the National Prayer Breakfasts which are perhaps being used to advance a hidden (fascist) agenda by Coe and his secret backers. I hope other people care enough to jump into the discussion and contribute their own theories and evidence. It could be fun!

lukery said...

thnx ewastud. good questions.


LeeB said...

Let's not forget she is also an insider in possession of the names of most, if not all, of the players in the 2000 election debacle, not to mention probably the game plan. Example: The (now) Choice Point people who purged the registration rolls of over 93,000 people (for voting while Black). Our dear Kathryn was involved in that up to her . . . uhh . . . up to her heavily-painted eyelashes.

Jeb was ordered to reinstate those voters, btw, prior to the 2004 election. He still hasn't complied.) What does she know; who can she "out" - what could she say or do that could cause her revenge to be more than just embarrassing?

rimone said...

hey, maybe if she keeps on keeping on, she'll have an unfortunate accident and that'll be the end of her.

oopsy, said the quiet part out loud again. oh, darn, lol

please note for the millionth time, before dec 2000, i totally did not harbour violent thoughts or death-wishes on anyone.

calipendence said...

Actually, her connection to MZM has been known since last summer when the Cunningham scandal first started picking up steam then, and probably before that when it was publicly acknowledged that she and Virgil Goode were both under the radar for being big beneficiaries of Mitchell Wade and MZM then. It was right before that when she was suddenly getting the cold shoulder "the first time" towards getting GOP help on her senate campaign. I suspect the GOP knew that she was going to get exposed next when it was obvious Cunningham was going down along with many others with him. They were trying to disconnect her from them then to minimize the damage she could do with that scandal.

I think what made her especially dangerous though that they couldn't aggressively turn the wheels of justice against her like they allowed to go through against Cunningham (to get him out of the way then rather than have him be a liability later which might have prevented Bilbray getting elected to fill the term), was that as you suggest, she knows other things about this administration that they have to tread lightly with. Now they are trying to help the media and others draw a picture of her as being "nuts", so that later if she does get pushed far enough and tries to turn on them with her inside information, they can dismiss it as that of a "raving lunatic" or something like that. She seems to be aquiescing into fitting into that "nuts mode" pretty well now though too.

What I think might be good to follow to support this theory is to see how they handle Virgil Goode now, who seems to be in a similar "corruption" state that she is in with his involvement in the MZM mess, but perhaps he doesn't have the other "inside information" she has and could be more "dispensable".

lukery said...

calipendence - i did wonder about exactly that - they seem to be painting her as delusional, with a lot of help coming directly from KH herself (as you note) .

i dont know much about the Goode situation - it certainly doesnt get a whole lotta press.