Saturday, August 19, 2006


MAKE SEPTEMBER 1 IMPEACHMENT DAY, Progressive Democrats of America and After Downing Street encourage you to hold a vigil for impeachment on Friday evening, Sept. 1st, preceded or followed by a meeting to discuss and plan for Camp Democracy.

Enter your event into online system HERE.

Search for an event already planned in your area HERE.

Here are resources from Camp Democracy.

You can also download and play this new 16-minute video from After Downing Street.

Here's what's happening online the same day:

Starting at noon ET on September 1, 2006, and lasting 24 hours, websites and blogs all across the internet are being asked to replace their front pages with the single word "Impeach" in simple white text on a black background. Here's an example:

Visitors to those sites and blogs will be able to click and link to the sites' usual front pages. But first they will see a word that, standing alone, is as powerful as any word right now: it is banned by our political and media leadership but more popular among citizens and activists than perhaps any other. It is both shocking and welcome. For 24 hours, web surfers and blog readers will see that word first when they visit their favorite sites. In this way, we hope to get the public talking about the one tool guaranteed by the Founders to restore our Constitutional Democracy. Please encourage your favorite websites to take part in this action. If you plan to take part, please let us know here:


calipendence said...

I'll be flying that day. If I wear an "impeach" t-shirt, do you think that will get me in trouble at the airports? :) I'll be flying through Chicago.

lukery said...


you'll be on the terrorist watch list in no time.

rimone said...

calipendence, i unfortunately agree w/lukery here. but i wish you the best of luck, if you decide to wear it.

as for me and my site, i have absolutely no idea how to get inside the template or whatever but i shall have 'IMPEACH' at the top of site for that day, although i'm gonna have to keep editing the time so it stays on the top. and i hope to be able to figure out how to have IMPEACH in a huge font.

LeeB said...

Hey! Would a nice large graphic do? A nice, big gif or jpeg could be assembled in a jiffy.

LeeB said...

As a matter of fact, I remember Kath had a great idea of the word changing to peach. Mebbe I'll play around with an animation and see what might work . . . heh

LeeB said...

Oh, jeez . . . the COLOR of the word "impeach" changing to peach.

fer cryin' out loud, Lee! Go get some more coffee . . . .

rimone said...

i haven't yet posted a graphic on my site for various reasons. in my former, happily non-political life, i was heavily into all aspects of design, per se.

i've tried various graphics (in private--seen only by me--posts) and to me, they just distract from the whole.

but if you do a graphic i'll be more than happy to link to it.

LeeB said...

Rimone, I can certainly see why you concluded "they just distract from the whole." Your site is exceptional.

If I come up with something, I'll holler.

rimone said...

oh, thank you, LeeB--that means a lot.