Saturday, August 19, 2006

the Harris political fiasco

ewastud in the comments:
There must be a damn good reason why the GOP have turned so strongly against Harris, and I am surprised that there is so little talk about it, just that observation. I think the Harris political fiasco lends itself to speculation. It cannot be blamed merely on her alleged corruption, because the GOP were distancing themselves from her long before Harris was publicly connected to the Cunningham corruption network.

My theory is that Jeb Bush and other powerful GOP politicians and operatives don't want Harris to gain any more power because of what information she has on them.

Harris is rumored to have been a mistress of Jeb Bush at one time, for instance. Also, her Dem cahllenger, Nelson, is allegedly in "tight" with Douglas Coe and the secret Fellowship organization in DC which sponsors the National Prayer Breakfasts which are perhaps being used to advance a hidden (fascist) agenda by Coe and his secret backers. I hope other people care enough to jump into the discussion and contribute their own theories and evidence. It could be fun!
interesting. thnx.

i didnt know that she and Jeb had something going.

i'm not really sure i buy your theory that they wanted to keep her powerless to shut her up - keep your friends close, and your enemies closer and all that. she appears to be such a deranged loose cannon that publicly humiliating her seems a little dangerous.

emptywheel is our resident texas expert. hopefully she'll weigh in, although I don't remember her ever writing about Harris before.

the Coe stuff is interesting, I don't know much about him - but those secret meetings sure are spooky.

anyone else?

(update - there are also some good comments on this over here)


rimone said...

My theory is that Jeb Bush and other powerful GOP politicians and operatives don't want Harris to gain any more power because of what information she has on them.

didn't know about the possible Jeb connection but when i first read the above, i was thinking more of her 'courageous' work in Florida in 2000.

lukery said...

mmmm - smell the courage

emptywheel said...

Oh, I'm definitely not a TX expert. I've got Judy Miller on my plate, don't give me another evil entity!!!

But, yeah, there was a rumor that Kathie and Jeb! were doinking. Don't know how credible it is.

My take on Kathie Harris is the reverse. With any other candidate, they would have forced the deadbeat candidate out. But in this relationship, Harris is the one with leverage. It's some kind of death match--they can't force her to withdraw, but they somehow don't have to back her. Maybe so long as she remains in politics, she won't blab about how she won them the election, or something like that. That is, she's still criminally liable for that. And that keeps her silent, to a point. But at some point she'll get to teh "nothing left to lose" stage, at which point she'll grow more amusing (if he hadn't been responsible for killing a city) than Michael Heckova Job Brownie.

lukery said...

thnx EW. speaking of your particular specialty, did you see that someone mentioned the other day that Judy's dad is mafioso connected?

KH really is a piece of work - her '$10m' announcement was just priceless - "I'm wasting my dad's money because I owe him"

rimone said...

lukery: mmmm - smell the courage

smells like botox, election fraud and titular implants to me, but hey, what do i know?

LeeB said...