Sunday, August 06, 2006

Israel cut and run!

* wapo :
"With much of Israel's northern population huddling in underground shelters and Hezbollah proving more resilient than Israeli leaders had publicly predicted, Israel's news media, intellectual elite and public are starting to question the judgment of the country's political and military leadership.
The behind-the-scenes disagreements between the generals and the politicians, and among competing branches of the military, are becoming part of the public debate."
cut and run!

* in my drug-policy post the other day, Jiminy Cricket 'highly (ha!) recommended' a documentary called Grass - via some magic searching tool, you can see it here:
"This film looks at the last 100 years of marijuana use, culture, and legislation, compiled from 400 hours of archival footage."
* nyt-ed:
"It’s been obvious for years that Donald Rumsfeld is in denial of reality, but the defense secretary now also seems stuck in a time warp. You could practically hear the dominoes falling as he told the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday that it was dangerous for Americans to even talk about how to end the war in Iraq.
Americans are frightened by the growing chaos in the Mideast, and the last thing they needed to hear this week was Mr. Rumsfeld laying blame for sectarian violence on a few Al Qaeda schemers. What they want is some assurance that the administration has a firm grasp on reality and has sensible, achievable goals that could lead to an end to the American involvement in Iraq with as little long-term damage as possible. Instead, Mr. Rumsfeld offered the same old exhortation to stay the course, without the slightest hint of what the course is, other than the rather obvious point that the Iraqis have to learn to run their own country.
As for Mr. Rumsfeld, he suggested that lawmakers just leave everything up to him and the military command and stop talking about leaving Iraq. “We should consider how our words can be used by our deadly enemy,” he said.

Americans who once expected the Pentagon to win the war in Iraq have now been reduced to waiting for an indication that at least someone is minding the store. They won’t be comforted to hear Mr. Rumsfeld fretting about protecting Spain from Muslim occupation."
* i used to occasionally do a thing where i'd highlight something from the server logs - either cos it was weird that i ranked high at google, or because it was otherwise amusing (and often necessarily a combination of the two.) Today's entry: "HOW DOES THE PENIS LOOK WITHOUT A BONER" - funny for a bunch of reasons.


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