Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lieberman should replace John Bolton at the UN

* kaplan:
"George W. Bush's news conference on Monday was the most dismaying spectacle put on by a top American official since Condoleezza Rice's news conference two and a half weeks earlier.
Bush's remarks yesterday, from his vacation ranch in Crawford, Texas, with Rice at his side, raise once more the question of whether he believes the things he says—whether he's really so clueless about the world that his actions so deeply affect.

The transcript contains so many mind-boggling statements that it's hard to know where to begin, so let's take them in chronological order."
* kathleen in the comments:
"Dodd just endorsed Lamont and is assigned basically to talk Joe out of a run.

Curiouser and curiouser, because it was Chris Dodd's Dad, Senator Tom Dodd who did it to Joe Duffey.

I'm having a crazy idea. I know the grapevine says if Rummy resigns and Joe Lieberman loses, he'll end up replacing Rummy. Well, I think that's gonna be hard to wrest from them, acknowledging a mistake, sooo I was thinking because Revoltin Bolton's credentials are about to expire, maybe Dodd and Biden and Feingold on the SFRC should propose Joe Lieberman to replace John Bolton at the UN. Everybody who is opposed to Joe L. is more opposed to John Bolton. I'm gonna send that out there."
everyone wins!

* nyt via fdl:
"The Connecticut race drew national and even international attention..."
heh. who knew?

* via fdl:
"Lieberman said he not bothered by losing the support of his Democratic peers, noting he lost Tuesday’s primary even with their support."

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