Thursday, August 10, 2006

Republicans in CT will support Joe

from kathleen:
Note from my CT friend who lives in VT and is (involved with) Bernie Sander's campaign .

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Subject: I slept like a baby last night!
What a day!
This is the anniversary of Richard Nixon's resignation, Tom DeLay finally threw in the towel, Willie Nelson campaigned for Bernie here in Vermont and at 11 Lieberman gave his sort of concession in my home State .

A grass roots campaign which DFA supported defeated the sitting Senator.

I slept well last night despite the nail biting of the evening.

Congratulations to us all, the FOX folks are spinning that the Republicans in CT will support Joe, but the Unions already said they would not support him if he was running as an Independant.

So here's to the future and that Bernie will be the first and only Independant to win the Senate in the fall.

Good job everyone!
(some snippage to disclose identity)

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