Thursday, August 10, 2006

we were all New Yorkers now

* newscientist via rimone:
"Ketamine is used as an animal tranquiliser, but is perhaps better known as an illicit street drug, sometimes called “special K”. Now researchers have found the drug can relieve depression in some patients within just 2 hours – and continue to do so for a week.

One problem with current antidepressants is that they typically take weeks to kick in. Some studies have found that patients may face a high risk of suicide in the first week after starting an antidepressant treatment because of this lag time. So researchers have been searching for alternative drugs." (emph mine. i disagree with 'the first week')
i've never tried it. dammit.

* rimone is now giving shoutouts to oldschool, LeeB, and Kathleen. it's a party and everyone's invited :-)

* The Independent continues to unleash Robert Fisk:
" In the southern suburbs - where they do not take this nonsense seriously - Abbas was telling me of a female neighbour who had supported the rival Shia Amal movement until her house was destroyed by the Israelis. "She told us, 'We are all Hizbollahi now'," And I recall that less than three years ago, we - we Westerners, we brave believers in human rights - were saying that we were all New Yorkers now."
good on the Indy, and, separately, good on the NYT for keeping bobo and friedman hidden in these dark days.


rimone said...

One problem with current antidepressants is that they typically take weeks to kick in.

if/when they kick in. current antidepressants are mostly SSRIs and i can't tell you how many articles i've read over the last few months that basically said 'these do NOTHING.'

in my experience, all they ever did is make me hopeful of relief and then, even more depressed and disappointed when nothing happens.

lukery said...

urgh - they can also make things worse - much worse - for say, 2 months, even if they do eventually kick in.