Tuesday, August 22, 2006

vindication will be sweet, the implications horrifying

* via rimone www.armorofgodpjs.com
my head hurts.

* dinner with carbon-based guests, again. day 3 and the conversation again turns (unprompted) to 911pressfortruth.com

* from a comment at ew's:
"And speaking of moldy old theories, I still say that (whatever the real motive) Plame's outing was an opportunity hitched to a passing crisis. So, IMHO, l'Affaire Plame was MIHOP all the way. it fits the BushCo MO to a tee."
that sounds about right. i'd love to know how much Plame 'chatter' there was in the veep's office prior to may 6.

* apparently ew is ' incipiently famous' - and if you read that full comment by Jeff - you might guess that we are actually (finally) moving away from ('outing plame'= 'get wilson') - the vindication will be sweet, the implications horrifying.


Kathleen said...

I've said from Day One that punishing Wilson was the "nice official" reason for outing POlame.

The real reason was to put Plame and the whole covert WMD team in Iran out of commission all together, so they could do what they are doing now, making false claims about uranium purchases from Niger. They have all that unused Niger stationary, you know.

lukery said...

it looks like they are trying to change the story a bit. this time it's comin outta COngo.