Thursday, August 17, 2006

'where were the good germans?'

* LeeB via email:
"I think that is one reason I like your site so much -- even in a small way we get to let the rest of the world know we do NOT support this crap or these criminals . . . "
indeed - we can now go on record - and when they ask 'where were the good germans?' we'll be on the right side of history. is it enough? not really. is it a start? sure. we now have a permanent record of those who stood for, and against this nonsense.

and it's kinda meaningless - and i'm not really into cannonfodder - but i'd happily be tortured to death, tomorrow, on screen, if it stopped all this nonsense. that's my offer. kill me today - torture me if it seems like fun. in fact, kill all of my family. all of them.

'where were the good germans?'


rimone said...

i'm w/you--kill us all but leave up our commentary.

Kathleen said...

Where were all the good Germans? Those who didn't flee were the first to go, about 100,000 who protested Hitler's rise in power, before they started on the jews, gypsys and gays.


rimone said...

one of my very personal/non-political opinions has to do w/destroying the vast US mindset that 'it can't happen here.'

wake the fuck up, people--it's happening NOW.

lukery said...

calling john dean....

he is on the verge

rimone said...

i know--i saw him on Jon Stewart the other night and i was like whooping w/joy.

then there's paul craig roberts (i think that's his name--undersect'y for the treasury during the raygun years) but i think he's been written off as 'a nut.'