Thursday, August 17, 2006

the most bizarre feeling

in the midst of a rant, LeeB writes:
It is the most bizarre feeling . . . that if I, personally . . . ME! LeeB!! . . . don't stay focused on this madness every damned minnit, the entire world is going to blow up. I'm so grateful that with all of you on board, at least it's permissible to get a little sleep now and again, since somewhere on this planet at all times at least one of us is keeping an eye on things.
thanks to LeeB we have our Global Strike Force in place - but LeeB is right, I never sleep more than an hour without checking in on the latest armgeddon news.

and i take all of it personally.

please make it stop.


rimone said...

please make it stop

i don't wanna drag the authorities down on your or my heads but for the last few years i've been wondering how come some doomed person (doomed by knowing they have some life-threatening disease and aren't long for this world) hasn't already snuck into a repub-only event and a John Wilkes Booth.

just sayin'

now bring on the government suppressors!

rimone said...

lukery, feel free to delete this if it makes you uncomfortable--i wouldn't blame you one bit.

lukery said...