Tuesday, September 19, 2006

911 Press For Truth

How many of you saw 911 Press For Truth?

Noise wrote:
"I saw it. Thought it was well done. Sure would like to see a member of Congress watch this Documentary and then respond to the families questions without MSM spinning.

Can't believe members of Congress (both parties) have gotten such a free pass."
SuperTeemu wrote:
"The part that really got my attention was the "taliban convoy & pakistani funding", on about minutes 50-72. Well done, and I guess news even to many of the more informed viewers.

Pattern of WH evasion was also well presented (especially Bush answering on testimony with Cheney). Otherwise, I was a bit saddened to notice that scores of 9/11 documentaries have made me a bit numb to admin incompetence and grieving family members. :("
anyone else?

(larisa was interested in any feedback)

if you haven't seen it yet - it's still here (and apparently on google.vid - but you'll have to find that yourself)


calipendence said...

My copy just got shipped to me last night. Hoping it gets here soon!

A LOT of good documentaries coming out this month! A lot of ramping up of messages to Americans before the election it would seem!

Others to also try and get:
Scared Sacred
911 Commemorative Box Set of three 9/1 films
Baghdad ER
Too Hot Not to Handle
Absolute Zero (scifi film on global warming out of control)
American Blackout (film on Cynthia McKinney and supression of black voters)
Combat Diary - Marines of Lima Company
GI Jesus (Hispanic immigrant serving in Iraq)
The Ground Truth - (Iraqi vets getting adjusted after returning home)
Iraq for Sale - War Profiteers - Robert Greenwald's latest film
Ottoman Empire - War Machine - History Channel's documentary of transformation of Ottoman Empire to modern Turkish state.
Parallel Lines - Local filmmaker interviewing folks after 9/11 in NY
Power Trip - American company trying to introduce "privatized electricity" to the country of Georgia
The Thursday Club - Documentary recounting the history of Oakland antiwar and Black Panther demonstrations
Tomorrow Show - Tom Snyder's Electric Kool-aid - looking at Tom Snyder's show during the 60's
Waging a Living - Robert Weisberg's film on people trying to make a living off of minimum wage.
A Private Matter - sotry of Romper Room's presenter exposed in getting an abortion back in the 60's
Road to Guantanamo (October) - innocent people getting dragged over to Guantanamo
That's My Bush (October) - South Park folks parody of Dubya
August in the Empire State - 2004 Republican convention behind the scenes
I Know I'm Not Alone - Musician Michael Franti travels to Iraq
Who Killed John O'Neill?
Freedom to Fascism
Jesus Camp
The War Tapes
Winter Soldier
Help America Vote on Paper
Dixie Chicks: Shut up and Sing
Chavez: Inside the Coup
The Ambassador (Ambassadøren) - Dutch documentary on Negroponte

There's others too. A lot to choose from. We just need to find ways of getting others to see them, even if we have to find "tricks" to see some of them.

lukery said...

c/p - that's a helluva list! you'll have to take the month off work to watch them all!