Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Opposition party? (Guest post by Noise)

Thanks for the invite to guest post Lukery. And thanks for all the exceptional comments to my "brooding about Rumsfeld" guest posts. FTR, I don't intend to do the whole "FP'ed" routine. I will leave that to Lukery.

Luke blogged about this a few days back but I think it's key so I will dredge it back up:

In Letter, Albright And Berger Demand Kean Get ABC To Kill Film


Your continued defense of this deeply flawed production is especially hard to understand in light of your commendable leadership of the 9/11 commission. Like much of the country, we were impressed by the care you and your fellow commissioners took to stick to the facts and to get it right for the American people -- and for history.


Amidst alarming reports that irresponsible theories about the events of 9/11 have begun to gain currency with the American people, you should not want to lend your personal reputation to a production which seems likely to instigate new and dangerous falsehoods. Link

My theory is that ABC's Path to 9/11 was intended to shore up the 9/11 Commission report. Especially in light of the fact that Kean recently admitted that he believed NORAD officials lied during their testimony. Well, a cynic might realize that IMPORTANT revelation has been replaced by time tested Clinton vs. Bush political wrestling.

Sad to say but BOTH parties are still calling those who question the Kean/Hamilton report...(drumroll)....conspiracy theorists! How clever of them! I would like to see one of these government offficials watch a screening of 9/11: Press for Truth and afterwards lecture some of the 9/11 families about "irresponsible theories."


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I've thought and thought about this. It's so typical of the Bush administration. If you don't like their philosophy, you're a traitor. If you don't buy their story, which can be a transparent lie, you're a conspiracy theorist. How'd you like to live with one of these pricks? I'd be delivering a punch in the nose every few minutes. Janet is right. People need to accuse them of high treason and criminal misconduct, loudly and repeatedly. They do it, and lie when they do it. Heck man, it only takes a half ounce of courage.

lukery said...

thnx NOise - did you watch pressfortruth? what did yuo think?

noise said...

I saw it. Thought it was well done. Sure would like to see a member of Congress watch this Documentary and then respond to the families questions without MSM spinning.

Can't believe members of Congress (both parties) have gotten such a free pass.

lukery said...

the P4T team announced the other day that they were sending it to every member of congress. am not sure anyone will actually watch it tho