Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm gonna leave this on top till 9/11. scroll down for regular posting.

tell your friends to watch this movie instead of ABC's Path To 911.

two YouTubes from the film 'Bush Knew’ and 'Kissinger vs. the 9/11 Families' - and the trailer is here.

update - you can watch the film here


calipendence said...


I understand that folks out there where you are are already having the "Path to 9/11" garbage aired to them now. What's the reaction there?

I've got the 911: Press for Truth DVD coming to me in a week or two.

I'll be offline in a little while flying on a PT 9/11 slandered American Airlines flight back home shortly.

Which of these two pics are that of a "moran"?... Yes this IS a trick qustion!

Pic 1

Pic 2

Film at 11 on your ABC ('er Disney) station!

rimone said...

watched it a few hours back. it totally sucked balls (more at my site). well, i didn't really watch it after the first few minutes, but it was on throughout.

shorter me: BOOOOR-ING! *in a Homer voice*

lukery said...

happy travels c/p.
(btw - i've been meaning to post your cifa email - sorry about that)
(will try to check reactions for pt911)

rimone - yeah - i heard it was terrible. HA!

Don said...

The Dark Wraith has his own graphically expressed opinion on ABC/Pt9/11 here.

lukery said...

don - that's hysterical.

btw - how are your studies?

Uranus said...

No more fear.

It's the morning of September 11, 2006 in the United States, the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the crash of flight 93. Since that time the world has been subjected to a relentless repetition of the message, "be very afraid."

There is no denying that this pernicious message has influenced the everyone's thinking, even the strongest, most independent among us. With the passage of the last five years, it is surprising how many progressives have bought into the framework of fear and terrorism, despite the clear evidence the Bush administration can't be trusted in anything they say or do, and that the actual threat of terrorism is far overblown--and that it and the war against it are simple, political tools to keep corrupt, corporate republicans in office.

After decades of diligent effort on the part of countless individuals, America's republicans have taken control of all three branches of the federal government. Their egregious crimes, abuses and sins of omission have launched criticism, advocacy and legitimate attempts to remove many of them from office. But except for a few who've been indicted, and some imprisoned, the work to correct this wrongdoing on the part of public servants charged with protecting the commonwealth and public trust has been ineffective. The unprecendented assaults on the constitution have rendered inert foundation principles of due process, civil liberties and checks and balances, and correcting these errors can't happen when action is needed on the part of parasites who believe they are beyond compliance with the law and accountability for their lawbreaking.

So, yesterday Janet said to me, "with checks and balances completely absent, we are ripe for a military coup. It could happen today." And suddenly, any fear I had ran out of me. "The coup happened in 2000, when the Supreme Court appointed a president the country didn't elect," I said. "From that point, we became an autocratic government, and not a democracy anymore. Elections aren't relevant. Advocacy doesn't work. The democratic process isn't hobbled, it's gone. People are afraid to say the words, 'we experienced a coup.' But that's what happened."

It had been years in the making. America and the world don't want to readily admit it. But the time has come to admit it. To say it to ourselves. To say it to others. To scream it to the whole world.

In 2000, America experienced a coup d'etat when the Supreme Court appointed a president who wasn't elected, and democracy ended. Even though I'd thought it a million times, and wrote it dozens of times, yesterday I said those words for the first time, and when I did I admitted to myself it really happened. All the fear came out of me, and I'm left with anger and determination.

I more than believe, I know it is true, that saying these words, again and again, and putting them in everyone's mind and heart, is the beginning of the end of the iron claw of America's fascist/communist republican hold on this country and the world. The lives lost in 2001 and in the war which followed is small, and just an appetizer, the tiniest drop in an endless ocean, compared to the full scale of loss of what the United States and the world lost in the coup of 2000.

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, won't you do your part to give America the born-again experience by saying these words? You'll feel better, and so will anyone who hears you say it. I know Janet and I do, and I know you do, too.

calipendence said...

Had a bit of a delay yesterday, but no big problems. I guess with that BS on American Airlines that PT 911 was trying to pull, does that make it officially and literally an "anti-American" film? :)

Also, Luke, check out how the slimes at ABC changed the promotion for PT 911 in your country at the last minute. The BUMS!

damien said...

I recently posted two letters to The Australian in response to a 9/11 editorial and several feature articles.

My Letter 1: was NOT published and included this:

Senator Bob Graham was Head of the Joint Congressional 911 Inquiry from Feb - Dec 2002 and was interviewed on the PBS Lehrer Hour on 12 Dec 2002:

"I was surprised at the evidence that there were foreign governments involved in facilitating the activities of at least some of the terrorists in the United States.... I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing -- although that was part of it -- by a sovereign foreign government ... It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now."

The quote is true, but in conflict with The Australian's editorial position attributing blame for 9/11 exclusively to bin Laden.

My Letter 2: WAS published and included this:

Congress inquired into bin Laden and had this to say: "All the evidence before us supports the claim that al-Qaeda's attacks on America were solely the work of Osama bin Laden and the terrorists of 9/11 whose ideas represent a continuing threat to our democratic way of life and all our values."

The quote is completely false (made up by me) but it was published immediately. It supports The Australian's editorial position attributing blame for 9/11 exclusively to bin Laden.

The Australian has passed the "truthiness" test with flying colors. This is what we are up against.

rimone said...

Damien: to echo Jack Cafferty a few months back, 'folks, we're in big trouble here.'

Uranus: "be very afraid."

There is no denying that this pernicious message has influenced the everyone's thinking, even the strongest, most independent among us.

hah! you really don't know me very well, do you, dude? one of the good things about being raised by my terribly dysfunctional family was they taught me to 'take it from whom it comes' (or as they maybe used to say in journo school: check your sources).

the second that SCOTUS handed over the presidency to that goddamned idiot, i never believed /shit/ from any of them. yeah, 9/11 depressed the shit outta me cause it was in /my city/. but everything else? BULLSHIT. and only made me hate them more.

lukery said...

calipendence: ""anti-American" film?"

ha ha.

damien - fp'd

Uranus said...

Rimone and all, I spent the day with the mother of all sinus headaches. Now it's almost 5 a.m. and my whole body is killing me. Please don't take those remarks personally. I posted that same thing over at Americablog and it drew a comment from a guy who refuted it, saying the republic ended with the National Security Act of 1947. The writer left out the nefarious political meanderings of Millard Filmore--that degenerate son of a bitch!

I'm quite surprised anyone adopts anything the Bush administration claims to be a realistic view of the world, but I find even myself falling into that rut. I'm reading some fascinating material now that challenges some of the most fundamental things we all learned when we were young and which we have been told repeatedly are true, angrily defended by its supporters still, when the alternative point makes far more sense and has been demonstrated to be true by real evidence. I'm pulling out some bookmarks, and when I get to a point where I can make a clear recitation of it without too many muddy details, I'll write it down for you.

Meanwhile, don't believe anything. That'd be what I recommend. Thanks for the key, Luke, which I guess is in my e-mail that I haven't read today. Between my pounding head and sorting my snail mail, which is a ridiculous mountain, I haven't made all the regular stops. But I will. Stand by you guys, what I'm reading will give the Bush administration the hardest pounding I've seen.

lukery said...

get well soon

i NEVER read snail mail

rimone said...

Uranus: All the fear came out of me, and I'm left with anger and determination.

see V for Vendetta ASAP, dude. one of my fave quotes: 'you have no fear any more. You're completely free.'

rimone said...

oh forgot: get well soon, Uranus.

Luke, if you never read snail mail, how do you pay your bills? just askin'.

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