Saturday, September 02, 2006

all rimone.

* Rimone has the details of the documentary of the assasination of Das Bush. apparently the brits are unamerican. maha has more - including a list of why the assasination would suck, including:
"2. Bush wouldn’t live long enough to see what historians will write about his presidency."

* Rimone also has oldschool's top 10, with some context and commentary.

* also, via Rimone, this:
"The phrase is so giggle-worthy, so odd, so catchy, that the entire lengthy legal affair is often referred to simply as the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus case.""
Ken Starr is on Jesus' side.

* also via rimone, Get Your War On has a new set. (click to see a bigger version - or just head straight over to GYWO)


rimone said...

me me me me meeeeeeeee!

'i am smart! i am smart! s-m-r-t! s-m-r-t! i mean, s-m-A-r-t!' *in a Homer voice*

oy, can you tell i'm still half-asleep? please don't answer.

ps, if there was a channel here showing only The Simpsons, i'd be so not reading news all day/night.

lukery said...

not answering...

LeeB said...

Oh, the both-a-yous crack me up.

rimone said...

a-heh, heh, heh. oopsy, that bastard gets into every goddamned thought i have.

thanks, LeeB.