Saturday, September 30, 2006

buy Press For Truth

* heh heh. if you google "internet killer" - number 7 out of 44m is "Luke Ryland, the Internet killer" - i'm so famous.

* ewwwwwww. foley's IM chat is here.

* btw - simon pointed me to Question Time on the Beeb with piers morgan and jackl straw and others. click on "Question Time, Manchester, 28 September, 2006" and go to the last 30 mins or so of the vid and you can see that the brits are still kinda bummed about the fact that there was a disastrous war started with lies.

* uranus:
"An astonishing analysis. Truthout published an article by Jason Leopold today about Rice ignoring warnings about bin Laden. It might not be the one he promised two weeks ago, but at least we know he's still alive!"
as i said earlier, it's amazing that this story has come to life again. for five years the meme was 'it was a surprise attack' and 'no-one could have imagined' - and all of a sudden, history seems to be being re-re-written. I'd like to think that Press For Truth had something to do with it. At a minimum, it seems to have appeared at the right time. Check out the youtubes - Bush Knew and Kissinger Vs. the 9/11 Families or the whole thing. Buy the dvd, tell. people you know. etc.


rimone said...

the brits are still kinda bummed about the fact that there was a disastrous war started with lies.

the Brits? what Brits? not the ones who count and could maybe DO something, like that piecashit Tony Blair et al.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I'm all busy here and out of time for literary pursuits, having spent the week in shock and awe at the 109th Congress. With so many incredibly important stories, I can't believe how some site administrators have focused on the Mark Foley story--missing Mel Sembler completely, devoting little if anything to the evisceration of habeas corpus, for crying out loud--and hey, this is the only place I've read about Operation Return To Sender. Holy guano, Batman, no wonder the world's in the sewer. Thank you and congratulations, Luke and all the rest, for all your good work and keep fighting the good fight. I'll attempt to be back in action in a few days.

lukery said...

good luck uranus with whatever is happening in your world.

look fwd to seeing you later in the week.