Saturday, September 30, 2006

FBI counter-intelligence

here's something curious from Madsen:
"A U.S. intelligence source stated that "Grossman's name was all over the FBI wiretaps in 2001" and the name "Brewster Jennings" first became known to the FBI counter-intelligence agents from these intercepts."
BJ/CIA was apparently running a domestic operation without the knowledge of FBI counter-intelligence

(update - perhaps i'm wrong about BJ running a domestic op - see here


Simon said...


Not entirely sure of your use of the word 'domestic' here???

rimone said...

hey, Simon, i dig your av. :-)

Luke, does any left hand in gov know what any motherfucking right hand is doing these last six years?

fucking fuckers.

viget said...


Did you point out the FBI's CI ignorance presumabely because CIA domestic ops are illegal?

Maybe there were other divisons of the FBI that were working a joint op with BJ (as part of the large corruption investigation that sibel's intercepts are related to?), and CI wasn't in the loop for some reason?

Another possibility is that it wasn't BJ running any domestic ops, but the targets of the CI investigation (Grossman among them) that were talking about BJ running ops in another country?

Presumably the FBI CI isn't privy to all CIA cover mechanisms, only those that they need to know about for purposes of domestic operations.

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't necessarily get that BJ was running domestic ops from that snippet you quoted. Only that FBI CI had never heard of/didn't know that BJ was a CIA cover mechanism until they intercepted these communications. Which is as it should be, you know, with sensitive compartmentalized information and what not.

lukery said...

cheers - fp'd here