Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kissinger’s clients named bin Laden

* Scoop reviews PressForTruth. This point is really quite remarkable:
" The Jersey Girls are immediately incensed when the ultimate gatekeeper, Henry Kissinger, is appointed to head the commission. When they meet with him, a Jersey Girl asks if Kissinger’s consulting firm has any Saudi Arabian clients named bin Laden. This question had the intended effect. Kissinger announced he could not take the position."
i know that osama is sposed to be ostracized, and they had already pointed the finger at osama and all that - but seriously.

* there's an interesting story from 2002 by ken silverstein in mojo. we often hear that the CIA can't be trusted because they missed saddam's nuclear program two decades ago and that it wasnt revealed until after the kuwait war (and hence we can't trust the CIA and need to start wars whenever we can, just in case):
"(around 1989) an Energy Department analyst named Bryan Siebert was investigating Saddam Hussein's nuclear program. His report concluded that "Iraq has a major effort under way to produce nuclear weapons," and recommended that the National Security Council look into the matter. But the Bush administration--which had been supporting Iraq as a counterweight to the Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran--ignored the report. It was only in 1990, after Saddam invaded Kuwait, that clear-eyed intelligence reporting on Iraq came into fashion."
* i'd planned to spend the anniversary of 911 getting drunk, and crying miserably, and angrily - not so much about 911 - but about everything since. (oh - and i was gonna watch PressForTruth again) - as luck would have it, i had some more adultish duties to deal with - the fruits of which you will see next monday (in the meantime, blogging will be a bit sporadic, as will emails and comments etc.) I finally got to have a little bit of a cry, watching this remarkable video of jon stewart in his first appearance after 911 in 2001. it's touching, and sad, for a number of reasons.

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rimone said...

fucking bloody hell--they didn't show that on the UK's version of TDS Global Edition last night.