Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mussolini once said Italians are ungovernable.

* kathleen:
"Mussolini once said Italians are ungovernable. Thank goodness somebody is."

* parry:
"Those two facts – Plame’s work for the CIA and her minor role in Wilson’s Niger trip (which was approved and arranged at higher levels of the CIA) – were transformed into key attack points against Wilson."
this still doesnt make any sense to me. it's transparently bollox. parry gets close, but still doesn't quite get it. read the rest tho

why do you think Plame was outed?


Anonymous said...

EmptyWheel points out that the same Corn/Isikoff book that caused the Armitage furor also reports Plame headed the very taskforce assigned to verify evidence of Iraq wmds; i.e., the group that cast doubt on Curveball's claims and other stories Cheney et al. were pressuring for confirmation on.

What better reason for outing her, as a shot across the bow to others who refuted BushCo's wmd yarns, just as Wilson said? -- art is bread

oldschool said...

why do you think Plame was outed?

Claiming no special expertise, ya' understand, I'll weigh in with a guess. Initially, pure political revenge - until fate stepped in:

CHENEY: Who is this fuckwit who's out there torpedoing us?

OVP STAFFER: Ambassador Joe Wilson, sir.

CHENEY: (on phone to well-placed, trembling neo-con acolyte) Fuck him!! Fuck Joe Wilson!! I want everything we've got on this guy - and I mean everything!! Everything, goddammit!!

(ed note - how hard do you think it would be for Richard Bruce Cheney to get whatever he wants, on whomever he wants - on anybody, anytime, anywhere?)

CHENEY: (back on phone to now thoroughly-reduced-to pool-of-flop-sweat neo-con acolyte) His wife works for the CIA!?! What's she done - what has she worked on - who has she worked with - what's she working on right now?

CHENEY: (listens, then a slow creepy sneer/smile begins to cross the awful visage) Jesus, that little puke George was right, there is a God. Scooter, Karl, to the phones!!! Novak, Judy Miller, all of our people!! Hell, try out some new ones - let's see who we can trust - God, I love this job!

lukery said...

art is bread - thanks for that. it's interesting that they waited till 3 months after the invasion to blow up the JTFI.

oldschool - whatever the reason, i think you are correct that cheney relished it. bastard.

Clia Toris said...

Giusto come suo nonno!

oldschool said...

"Clia Toris said"

Alright, now I'm engaged. Who Is Clia Toris?

1. Evidently I *can* read a little bit of Italian, but not enough:

2. That's some fine photo-shop work:

3. The whole thing eerily reminds one of Rimone, or a friend thereof, and

4. You'll notice that I asked "who", not "what"?

rimone said...

YOU GO OLDSCHOOL! i totally love your post above. it rings so true, very easy to imagine that, or the damn near like.

Kathleen said...

Well I've always said that discrediting Joe Wilson was the nice, official reason, but the REAL reason was to put Plame out of commission, along with her whole team, so there would be no credible opposition to their yellowcake forgeries.

They wanted anyone who could successfully refute their forgeries,out of the CIA. They succeeded. Mission Accompolished. Now they can drag out all that unused Niger Embassy stationary and crank out another yellowcake caper.

Kathleen said...

Clia Toris said

"just like his grandfather", meaning Prescott Bush, former Republican Senator from CT and cozy with Nazis.

Thank heaven, Berlusconi is gone. I was getting worried about the oldest republic in the western world.

The comments in the Busholini thread from Italians commenting on Mussolini validate what I said to Don about the Italian attitude towards gov't.

Alessandro Mussolini says she loves her grandfather.

My grandfather told me the story of the Sicilian Veseprs, as told to him by his grandmother. Different genetic line, obviously.

And, how fun to read Mario Puzo, Don. you can ask him some Mafia questions, too. I'll bet there was a Mafiosa message in the hanging Mussolini upside down, as in "overturned". They're kind of poetic that way.

It's a kind of combining of the concept that actions speak louder than words and a picutre is worth a thousand words.

That old James Mason film, With a Flower In His Mouth, is a perfect example of the Sicilian spirit. Franco Nero is hunbkier than hell in this, too.

Is Clia Toris going to be on our map?

«—U®Anu§—» said...

You don't really believe Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby and Addington, et al. think like you do; that is, they have goals or motives upon which they act. Tell me you don't. Their suggestions they think that way are lies, just like everything else which comes out of their mouths when their lips move.

These are men who greet each new day with the thought, "what a glorious day to kill. Let's fill some graves." It's who they are, what they do, all they know. They are not capable of moon-is-cheese thinking.

They are greasy worms, and greasy worms eat and excrete dirt. Plame was outed because it was a simple way to cause great destruction with a few words, kill people and excrete dirt. There was no motive.