Wednesday, September 27, 2006

mo' ktm

I've posted a bunch of new reviews for Sibel's KTM - "A captivating and alarming investigation," "far from being reassuring!," " a palpitating investigation," "an involuntary detonator of a politico-legal explosive business."


are you looking forward to seeing it?


rimone said...

wtf do you think, dude? but for the past almost two weeks, i've had to read w/like one eye shut mostly due to actually having fun again. it's hard to concentrate right now and i'd like to give it my full attention as well as take notes. that requires hands that don't shake and my keenly sharp focussed mind which seems to have gone AWOL lately. lol

lukery said...

am glad that you are having some fun, my friend!

we'll hold up the walls till you get back to *ahem* normal

rimone said...

fuck 'normal.' i actually stayed home last night but instead of watching this cool film i rented, saw 'control room' (about US bombing Al Jazeera) instead.

and after yesterday's 10 hours bullshit on the detainee bill, i might never talk politics again on my site.

after almost six years of thinking 'i've fucking had it,' well, i've just about reached my limit.

what i wanna know is, when is everyone going to get the fuck out from behind their desks and take to the streets? after the (what looks to be bullshit) midterm elections?

if there's a serious massive protest afoot, someone tell me and i'll take the first plane from heathrow to DC (and i don't mean a march or whatever; i mean a full-on demo, lasting /indefinitely/).

sorry for the rant but i refuse to pay one penny more in taxes or whatever for these assholes to steal and lie and do what the fuck ever they want w/our money while shitting on the Constitution and as William S Burroughs said, 'wiping their asses w/treaties, pacts, alliances.'

lukery said...

i havent seen ctrl room.

i've totally had it UP TO FUKKIN HERE too.

fucking fukkers.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I was hoping the Camp Democracy people would suggest a permanent presence in D.C. As far as I know they didn't. Another protest is scheduled for October 5. I don't know what the holdup is and wouldn't hazard a guess or prediction. It's encouraging at least to see people writing that they see the showdown coming. At the beginning of the year I wrote that it would turn into a shooting war at home, and people were horrified. Now they're saying it. What a long, strange trip it's been.

lukery said...

it kinda feels like we are building up to SOMETHING, right?

rimone said...

yeah, we're building up to if there are massive protests not in the free speech zones or whatever the fuck they're called, the goddamn police (who, AFAIC, are totally military and riding in huge humvees, at least in nyc) are gonna do another kent state.

as i said before, i believe we're gonna need outside help--i could be wrong, but i think the EU will step up but not before they see people in the fucking streets--lots of them, who refuse to leave.

lukery said...

kent state will look like a street party