Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Political Ponerology" (guest post by Uranus)

I haven't read the book, so don't ask me what's in it--and at $32.00, you might want to check it out at your library. It looks like it should be required reading for every American student:

Political Ponerology: The scientific study of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes was forged in the crucible of the very subject it studies. Scientists living under an oppressive regime decide to study it clinically, to study the founders and supporters of an evil regime to determine what common factor is at play in the rise and propagation of man's inhumanity to man.

Shocking in its clinically spare descriptions of the true nature of evil, poignant in the more literary passages where the author reveals the suffering experienced by the researchers who were contaminated or destroyed by the disease they were studying, this is a book that should be required reading by every citizen of every country that claims a moral or humanistic foundation. For it is a certainty that morality and humanism cannot long withstand the predations of Evil. Knowledge of its nature, how it creates its networks and spreads, how insidious is its guileful approach, is the only antidote.

ISBN 1-897244-18-5


lukery said...

thnx uranus

"Evil adjusted" is evil nonetheless.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Sunday is Janet's birthday and I'm thinking about buying this book for her, and if I can do that maybe we'll get her review. I told her it's her mission to save the world from evil, so naturally I must assign the inevitable directed reading. The Red Pill Press synopsis also said:

The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret police in Communist Poland. The second copy, reassembled painfully by scientists working under impossible conditions of repression, was sent via a courier to the Vatican. Its receipt was never acknowledged, no word was ever heard from the courier - the manuscript and all the valuable data was lost. The third copy was produced after one of the scientists working on the project escaped to America in the 1980s. Zbigniew Brzezinski suppressed it.

It has to be great!

lukery said...

tell janet that some random guy in australia is thinking of her on her bday