Tuesday, September 12, 2006

please vote for Jonathan Tasini

* this will make Sibel happy:
"Actress Susan Sarandon's voice has been greeting New Yorkers, according to a report in Roll Call's "Heard on the Hill".

Phone calls going out to the state Democrats feature Sarandon's voice urging them to vote for challenger Jonathan Tasini in the upcoming primary.

HOH was surprised when she answered the phone Friday and Sarandon — or her voice, anyway — was on the other end of the line.

“Hi, this is Susan Sarandon.”

“Oh hi!” we started to reply. But we had no time to introduce ourselves; Sarandon quickly blurted out, “Hillary Clinton voted for George Bush’s war. She supports the continued occupation of Iraq. Jonathan Tasini opposed the Iraq War and is calling for the immediate safe withdrawal of a new deal for New York workers. On Sept. 12, please vote for Jonathan Tasini for U.S. Senate.”"


libhom said...

Thanks for posting this. I voted for Tasini too.

lukery said...


fingers crossed