Friday, September 08, 2006

Randi: Watch 9/11 Press for Truth instead

more on whistleblower CBW experts- this from Madsen:
"Danish Army Major Frank Grevil was once the only chemical weapons expert in the Danish Intelligence Service (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste or "FE"). That was until he realized the neo-con Danish government -- that governs with the support of the extreme right-wing People's Party (which maintains National Socialist beliefs) -- was making false claims about the chemical weapons threat from Saddam Hussein's Iraq and Grevil decided to do something about it.

After Denmark became the only Nordic country to blindly follow the United States into war in Iraq, Grevil understood he possessed the "smoking gun" intelligence proving that the claims made by Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and his government -- that Iraq could deliver a chemical weapons punch to Denmark -- were patently false.

As early as 2002, Grevil had been preparing threat assessments on Iraq that contradicted the Iraq WMD claims of the government. After Denmark helped the U.S. and Britain in the March 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq and the Parliament began raising questions about intelligence in early 2004, only to be stonewalled by the government, did Grevil feel it was time to inform the public through the media about the Danish government's "Big Lie." In February 2004, Grevil provided copies of the threat assessments to the journalists that proved the government had lied about the Iraqi WMD threat. In March 2004, the Copenhagen police charged Grevil with disclosing classified information and in November 2004, the City Court of Copenhagen found Grevil guilty and sentenced him to 6 months in prison (the prosecutor wanted a one year sentence). Grevil appealed the verdict. The High Court for Eastern Denmark later upheld the conviction but reduced the sentence to four months."
* LeeB:
"Randi Rhodes just said: "Watch 9/11 Press for Truth instead of this ABC mess on Monday"

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