Saturday, September 23, 2006

a 'reasonably attractive man'

* athenae:
" Except the kid with the ponytail dry-humping the giant blow-up Bush as Pinocchio display. Dear kid: I support your right to molest representations of our national leaders as a powerful expression of your distaste for them (or an equally powerful if more disturbing expression of your admiration), and I hope you'll support my right to be as squicked out as I've ever been in my whole life, okay?"
* peter b collins interviewed Sarah Olson, the Truthout reporter who has been dragged into the Ehren Watada case because she wrote about his case (mp3 - starts at 39mins)

* jon stewart did a funny piece on gays in the military. some wingnut argued that gay translators are bad becuase they might get confused if there was a 'reasonably attractive man' in the vicinity as the guy was trying to translate al qaedas plans to conquer the world and get distracted.


rimone said...

i saw that ex-soldier Bleu on TDS the other night and that total moron wingnut going on and on and ON about how all 'they' think about is sex.

it was soooo obvious to me that the only people thinking about gay sex is /them/. and they think about it a LOT.


lukery said...

they love it, don't they?

oldschool said...

Ummm..., is there any reason that your post entitled "a 'reasonably attractive man'" is headed by a picture of the singularly most phallic monument to be found....anywhere?

Nah, just me - being twisted - I'm sure.

I apologize in advance.

lukery said...

lol. thanks for pointing that out. i'd missed it.

rimone said...

oldschoolL a picture of the singularly most phallic monument to be found....anywhere?

ahhh, then obviously you've never been to downtown Brooklyn and seen the Williamsburgh Bank building (tallest in bklyn). we used to call it 'brooklyn's dick' in happier days.