Saturday, September 23, 2006

Walton & Libby.

Calipendence in the comments:
Now this article that's out today notes that Walton looks to have issued a ruling on Libby's case that will make it easier for Libby's defense to get his case dismissed that won't allow Fitzgerald a way to say "no" as implied with the other article I quoted.

In this ruling here, Walton's basically telling Libby's people that they just have to find enough "secret" evidence that he can rule is *necessary* for Libby's defense so that it comes down to a choice between releasing state secrets vs. him having a fair trial. The hidden message here is if the state secrets are sufficiently important (and with Walton, it appears his measuring stick is rather low, or made low by undisclosed financial or other influences), then Walton can effectively dismiss the case, no matter what Fitzgerald wants to do.

This SUCKS people! We need to find out specifically what Libby's lawyers are trying to use to rationalize that is evidence that "can't be exposed" to see if it is applicable or something that Walton's using as an excuse. Sibel, is there a whistleblower, up for the task here?


«—U®Anu§—» said...

The story gets better and better. But the result is an unswerving pattern: those Bushies, always having fun, never having to answer for anything to anyone. Hot diggity dog, it even rhymes.

calipendence said...

Woops... In the last paragraph, I'd meant Libby's lawyers instead of Fitzgerald. Makes more sense that Libby's folks are trying to find a "way out" through pseudo rationalizations than Fitzgerald.

calipendence said...

In other interesting Reggie Walton news today, it looks like Bushco's dept. of "justice" would seek to overturn Walton's ruling that required the NRO to process of freedom of information act request from the Federation of American Scientists for release of NRO budget documents, which was limited to unclassified budget records. But now Bushco's challenging that too. I wonder if Reggie Walton's shoulder got tapped on this decision and the Libby ruling was "payback" for his "mistake"! :P

calipendence said...

Ooohh... Check this Rovespeak article from the corporate mouthpieces on how Fitzgerald should just take this "out" as an excuse to drop the case. The bums!

lukery said...

thnx cp.

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