Sunday, September 17, 2006

A reinvigorated presidency

* i'm not sure what is most disturbing. a) that john yoo can write op-eds for the nyt or b) the NYT has the audacity to title the piece "How the Presidency Regained Its Balance" or c) this extraordinarily dishonest paragraph:
"A reinvigorated presidency enrages President Bush’s critics, who seem to believe that the Constitution created a system of judicial or congressional supremacy. Perhaps this is to be expected of the generation of legislators that views the presidency through the lens of Vietnam and Watergate. But the founders intended that wrongheaded or obsolete legislation and judicial decisions would be checked by presidential action, just as executive overreaching is to be checked by the courts and Congress."
or d) this:
" (This is why the Hamdan decision was less a rebuke of the presidency than a sign of frustration with Congress’s failure to update our laws to deal with the terrorist menace.)"
or this e)

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