Monday, September 18, 2006

institutionalize torture, indefinite detention, secret prisons

* digby:
"(fred) Barnes is so in the tank for Bush that he's grown gills, so I wouldn't expect even the tiniest bit of skepticism from him. But I assume he's accurately reporting what the president said. And he's reporting that Bush's plan to combat terrorism is to institutionalize torture, warrentless spying on his own citizens, indefinite detention, secret prisons, warrantless monitoring of bank transfers and legal immunity for those who carry out those tasks."
* tristero:
"Two points to add to Digby's post on the sheer stupidity, Republcian cronyism and cynicism that operated within the CPA:

1. This story is not news. I recall hearing within months of the invasion that the main qualification for service in CPA was obeisance to the Sun King of Crawford. What is news is the prominence that an influential member of the media is providing for this story. In an election season no less. But the fact that this wasn't discussed when it was happening should remind us all of how completely the media was co-opted when it mattered the most, when robust reporting could have made a difference.

Not that by the time of the CPA much difference could be possible. The moment the invasion started, a blunder of historical proportions was set in motion. The rest is weary detail and a Euphrates of blood.

As glad as I am that these stories are finally getting wide, prominent coverage, I would be a lot happier if the press would report aggressively and, most importantly, report in a prominent way in real time on the current pack of lies about Iran and the Bush administration's plans for war. While readers of this blog are informed enough to know that war with Iran is a very real possibility unless there is a significant shift of power in Congress this fall, it seems to be falling under the radar of most Americans."

* ummm - FTR - yes I was kidding about those films. y'all seemed to polite to call me on it and i was getting nervous that you all actually thought that might be true! the silence was deafening. Phew. thank heavens for Rimone. (and the reference in #4 was to Clerks)

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