Friday, September 08, 2006

Resistance is Fertile!

* clemons:
"Today, Chafee told Senator Lugar that he would not support John Bolton as things stood. He would vote no if pushed. This has been glossed over now by Senator Chafee's staff and others as being a prolonged period of purgatory for Bolton because Chafee has "unanswered questions"

But the vote was delayed -- and it is now certain to be delayed beyond the September 12th primaries in Rhode Island. After Senator Chafee wins, which TWN hopes he does, the Senator's hand is even freer to vote his views and conscience on Bolton.".

* froomkin:
"(Bush) was, in fact, calling for the CIA to continue to be allowed to use interrogation tactics that many people would reasonably consider torture; he was demanding retroactive legal immunity for American interrogators who used tactics that many people would reasonably consider torture; he was calling for the unprecedented admission of coerced evidence in an American legal proceeding; and after all those years of refusing to give Congress any role in this matter, he was insisting that they take action in a matter of days."

* your preznit speaks:
" One of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror. I believe it. As I told you, Osama bin Laden believes it."

* dammit. for some reason I missed Rimone's post about the Naudet Brothers film about 911. thanks Rimone. read it, and her story in the comments about being in NYC the following week. (the whole comment thread is very cool)

* we have a new commenter who wants to be added to the GSF map. Hi Aunty Ism! She says:
"Resistance is Fertile!"

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rimone said...

hey Auntie Ism, cool name and very cool 'resistance is fertile', lol. and you're in Australia. lucky you (not meant to be sarky but serious).

i'm pleased you're aboard w/us all.