Tuesday, September 19, 2006

'Sibel seems touched by liberty and justice'

I got an email from Erin S. Myers - this was posted on a blog :

I too, have had a real headache of a time unraveling the monumentally cryptic words of these people in (Sibel's) film. And I would agree with you, that Sibel may not hold keys to unlocking every door to 9/11. And to the best of my knowledge, she has NOT suggested that she can.

What she does talk about, why I myself was intrigued by her story (gagged is it is), was here was a person trying very hard to tell others that something stinks deep down below. I've found her sincerity to be persuasive... and she seems to have persuaded a number of other impressive people such as Elisberg, McGovern, Cole, Tice, German, Rowley, Turnner... I will never forget these names.

After my own service, being asked to falsify airworthiness documentation for Army aircraft, years went by as friends and family looked at me sideways as if they just could just not accept my charges against the government and military We pay for. To this day, many people I speak to about this issue of simple corruption just kind of shake their head in disbelief trying to figure out how or why I would makeup "such a lie".

Sibel was in a way, very much a vindication for me. She has certainly played an important role in activating my re-found desire to FIGHT for this land. To defend the peace that can be found in the rule of law. To stand up and speak out against inequity. To demand that a government which professes to act in my name, can only do so if it aligns itself with the respect due all human dignity, no matter where on the globe a person may be.

For me, America need not expand beyond the borders she's already carved out in blood.... (try as Dick and the Boys might)... but that the attempt, flawed is it may still be, the attempt to recognize dignity and right for all people, and thus the boundaries government SHOULD NEVER cross.... is something I will stand and fight for... for anyone else who has their heart touched in the same way.

Sibel seems to have been touched by the spirit of liberty and justice. So long as she does not enjoy both... I will stand and fight for her. I will fight for the truth about 9/11. I will fight for the truth about our economy, if to have any hope of fixing it. I will fight for those who remain subjugated by selfishness disguised as "protector".... ESPECIALLY if that charlatan is my very own government.

I demand the dignity deserving of all kind humanity. And I will slit the throats of those who soil it through the hijacking of my good name. I will not be so insulted.

Erin S. Myers

Godspeed Erin.

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