Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'thanks' and 'me too'

* urgh - i'm bogged down with (good) tasks - you'll thank me later - in the meantime, here's oldschool:
"I don't really remember how I got here (wotisitgood4)- it's all a bit of a blur. First I wondered what the heck a "blog" was - then I realized that when reading Eric Alterman at MSNBC, I *was* reading a blog. THEN, I got a bug up my ass about 9-11 and how it made no sense to me - then I think I read about Sibel, and then - HERE (I think)(or least it's plausible, now isn't it?)

BUT, what I really wanted to say has more to do with the content and the people who comment here. I had a discussion just this afternoon with my mom (whom I love, even though she *was* a lifelong Republican)(at Easter dinner just past, she announced to the astounded gathered family that she no longer considers herself to be a Republican - just can't stomach the shit anymore). ANYWAY, just today, 9-12-06 I was telling her about this place. And how, though there are relatively few who comment, they are, each and every one, just incredibly intelligent and monstrously interesting people. Scattered around the globe, but still intimate, with an astounding array of talents and achievemnets (present company mostly excepted)(I mean to say me - who mostly just fucks off). But I find this place to be so fascinating - I can't stay away - I may miss some days, and then there are others when I find I have nothing useful to say, so I find it easy to have the wisdom to just shut up.

Anyway, I just enjoy the hell out of this place - and am honored to be allowed to comment among folk who have more, and more important, things to say, than do I."
i dont really remember how i got here either - but i can't tell you how weirded out honored i am that oldschool mentioned to his mum how a 'community' can exist here in this werid world of ours. i hope that either a) you didnt give her the url or b) she swears like a trooper.

on a serious note - i tried repeatedly to find the right words to respond - and i kept coming up short. let me just say 'thanks' and 'me too'

don, too.


Kathleen said...

Group hug.

LeeB can you figure out how to do a group hug on our map?

LeeB said...


rimone said...

Don: an astounding array of talents and achievemnets (present company mostly excepted)(I mean to say me - who mostly just fucks off)

lol, story of my life, always around brilliant people apart from me, who's always fucking off.

lukery said...

ok - im sick of this - everyone agree with Rimone and tell her that she's really stupid.

Kathleen said...

I cannot tell a lie. Rimone, how 'bout if we call you hip? Then we can think you're smart, but it won't make you nervous.

Everybody has their own flavor of smarts. Yours is hip to me.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Rimone sends killer e-mail. But she's made the point she's far too busy for it. There's trouble brewing, everybody. Come clean, Rimone: you have true love going on over there, don't you??

rimone said...

lol, the only true love i have going over here is Hunter--and it's one-sided--/i/ love him.

rimone said...

ps, forgot since i'm fucking DEAD TIRED thanks to my situ over here. anyway, thanks LeeB and MY oopsy i mean Uranus