Thursday, October 12, 2006

a 20-seat loss and 50-seat loss

* here's something i still don't understand. Last week, Fox was saying :
"House Republican candidates will suffer massive losses if House Speaker Dennis Hastert remains speaker until Election Day, according to internal polling data from a prominent GOP pollster, FOX News has learned.

"The data suggests Americans have bailed on the speaker," a Republican source briefed on the polling data told FOX News. "And the difference could be between a 20-seat loss and 50-seat loss."
at the time, i told you that i thought this was fishy - both the 20 and the 50.

Now we get (wapo):
"Republican campaign officials said yesterday that they expect to lose at least seven House seats and as many as 30 in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, as a result of sustained violence in Iraq and the page scandal involving former GOP representative Mark Foley."

any ideas about why they were spinning the 20/50 numbers? as i noted, they were repeating that story all day.


Don said...

Fox polls figuring 20-50 (!) seat losses, now they're announcing a more conservative (no pun intended) estimate. Not like they've ever lulled the Dems and the left into a false sense of security, or baited them into actions and statements that were easily portrayed as angry or overconfident; or said anything with the sole intention of constructively scaring the hell out of the base to get them off their collective ass.

To their credit, the Dems have been pretty level on the whole mess, no dancing on the dying elephant here, or prematurely celebrating victory. They seem quite content to let GOP arrogance speak for itself, and it's speaking volumes. Except for select responses to certain allegations, they're letting the cannibals eat themselves while they continue their own push.

lukery said...

hmmm - but repugs were feeding them the 'polling' - and they only did it that one day when they were rooting for Hastert to resign.

twas weird.