Thursday, October 12, 2006

George Bush : 55 to 60 percent approval rating

We get concerntrollery:
Funny thing is, some of the strategists on our side almost want you asshats to win the House in November. Conyers would go nuts, and the Moonbat caucus would hold a torchlight parade past the Fuhrer's window (that would be Markos) every night, burning books by "Neocons" (you libs are too polite to actually say "Joooos", even though that's what you mean).

The last thing the Clintons wanted was for the Hard, Angry Left to be unleashed. What you people don't realize is that you are the mirror image of Newt Gingrich and the House Managers. I know. I'm a Republican. I lived through 1998.

George Bush will leave office with a 55 to 60 percent approval rating because of you people, and it will be President Giuliani and Vice President Rice in 2009.

How much is Karl paying you folks? Really? I want some of that RNC walking around money. I mean, I've heard of the 72 Hour Plan, but this is ridiculous!

ridiculous indeed.


rimone said...

damn, Luke i'm jealous. i NEVER get anything like that.

Jooooos, Fuhrer = Kos and the dude lived through 1998! imagine the wear and tear on his adrenaline.

pres. drooliani! HAH!

lukery said...

i dont get nearly enough of it. i want more GD-it!

the jooos thing is funy - remember when bobo tried that one on?

rimone said...

no, got a link? (sed the joo from joo yawk city)

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I read this cat's comments, and I don't usually get in arguments or name-calling with people online, so I didn't say anything.

This is typical of the voluminous troll-writing I see elsewhere.

If there's anything worse than psychopathy in leadership, it's those enabling worshippers who seek out the nuttiest, most dangerous aspirants to global destruction to dote over, get behind and follow, and march in lock-step with to glorious Armegeddon, spouting their irrational bullshit which they pull from the collective ass of despotism to waste others' space and time.

I don't think it's amusing. It contributes nothing and, if it were up to me, I'd delete it with a hearty "fuck off." If someone wants to offer an alternative viewpoint with good attributation, that's one thing. To make up nonsense which is not expressly opinion and offer it in a hateful, insulting way is useless frivolity. I'll have none of it. I never went to a right-leaning discussion and taunted people, not even once, and I never will. I wouldn't waste my time or theirs. Saying he disagrees is fair, but when he says Rove is paying us off he begs for his comments to be deleted.

lukery said...

uranus - i couldn't ever be bothered with commenting over at any RW place either. what a waste of time.

re psychopathy in the leaders and their enablers, that's why the wingnuts are so dangerous - it's a scary mix of psycopaths in leadership combined with the happy authoritarianism of the followers. it's difficult to conceive of a worse set of circumstances.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

It can always get worse. Remember, this is an evolving, compassionate, conservative agenda. But, things are moving along nicely for the neocons. Labor in America is a great example. It used to be employees had solid safeguards, and companies faced stringent fines for misconduct. That's all changed. The last place I worked practiced slavery and tax evasion, and on a very large scale, making the owner fabulously wealthy. Although the state and federal governments were well aware of it, absolutely nothing has happened to him. In Oklahoma, an employer could probably execute the entire staff over and over, and the law wouldn't lift a finger to stop it. It's fucking pathetic. The only good news is that since it's been going on for several years, he has real trouble getting new employees, and combined with a sluggish economy and customers who are slow paying, it makes balancing the books really difficult. So, the owners constantly suffer from debilitating health problems caused by worry. Slim consolation. But, it's like so many things that have degraded under republican domination of government since I entered the workforce in the 70s. I'm satisfied I did everything anyone could have done to bring that employer into compliance. But when the government isn't responsive, what good is it?

lukery said...

it sounds like your story isn't uncommon. i saw some stats about the number of OSHA fines since 2000 - and it's down something like 90%

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Fast food restaurants here are another example. Even national chains. They have a practice of making people work an "apprenticeship" where they don't get paid for weeks or months, and then they get fired before the end of their apprenticeship. My last employer was a truck company. They not only broke me, they ended my career. They did that to lots of people. I lost my home. It's been very hard. Needless to say, any incentive I ever had to work has been removed.

lukery said...

sorry to hear about your home.

at least you have the cats...

i presume that the US has the worst safety net of any industrialized country