Friday, October 27, 2006

average IQ

* on the back of Scott's economic/finance lessons, in the news headlines tonight, lehrer did a report about something or other (i think it was house prices, i wasn't really paying attention) and let's say he said that the average house price fell an average of 10% last month. He helpfully added '50% of sales were higher than that, and 50% of sales were lower.'

The average (50% higher than that, and 50% lower) IQ of americans just went up 5 points.

update: someone called me out in the comments on the difference between median and average.

point taken, humbly.

and i listened to the audio - and yep, lehrer says 'median.' my only excuse, as i say in the post, is that i wasnt listening properly. so there.


Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if exactly half of sales were higher/lower than average price. The appearance of Lehrer's IQ just went down several points on those 10% of americans who know the difference between concepts of average and median.

I'd better post this nitpicking anonymously. :) (as if... damn those IP logs)

lukery said...

i'm busted! bastard!

damien said...

That's not me Lukery. I'm down here