Friday, October 27, 2006

We have to challenge the rationalizations for their inhumanity.

there's an interesting conversation in the comments to my "it's almost as though the torture itself is just another prop. and that's fucked up" post. thanks to new commentor steven andresen for his thoughtful comments. his final comment ends:
"We have to challenge the rationalizations for their inhumanity."
I couldna said it better myself.

...although i'm still kinda at the point of "We have to understand their inhumanity." - frankly, i don't even believe that they believe their own rationalizations - which confuses the hell outta me.


profmarcus said...

here's one take on challenging their humanity, something that may well be closer to the truth than we would care to admit...

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Some people consider this woman quite insane. Personally, I think she is squarely on target. She has a really extensive archive on this blog, and I don't read it because suddenly I realize I've spent many hours that I don't have or really need to spend. I agree with her point the GOP and the country are being run by psychopaths--and not particularly smart ones. All the talk about Zionists is a little tedious, but most of her stuff makes sense to me.