Thursday, October 26, 2006


bloggered again. sorry about that.

man. the whole system was down again.

what the hell is it gonna be like next week?


Mizgîn said...

No kidding. Blogger's recent unreliability is driving me nuts.

I've been seriously considering Wordpress and a private host.

lukery said...

that might be the smartest option.

rimone said...

lukery, if this site is down, please feel free to post over at mine--i'll have to do it for you but you can send me your text w/notes as to where to insert/make links, i'll send it back to you, you ok it and there we go. on the other hand, i can give you my pw to my site--the template's easy-peasy.

i'd even open the comments up, a first for me.

too bad we have nobody we know who's tech-proficient enough to automagically redirect those who are headed here, to mine, if this shit goes down.

ps, just as a test, i went over to atrios and tbogg when i couldn't get your site to load. amazingly they were still up w/no problems, apart from i had to reload tbogg when that day's posts didn't come up on top.