Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Crikey. Can we just declassify the damn PowerPoints?

* ron at Raw:
"A passing statement in an instant message conversation with a teenage page might provide investigators with a damning piece of evidence suggesting criminal behavior in the case of former congressman Mark Foley, RAW STORY has learned."
* drum on the tenet/rice meeting (chanelling his inner aussie):
"Crikey. Can we just declassify the damn PowerPoints? Is there any possible chance that making public a five-year-old set of slides about al-Qaeda would damage any sources or methods? Especially if Tenet has already offered to testify about it in public?

These mysteries are absurd. Show us the slides and let's see who's telling the truth. Either the content is hair-raising or it's not. Either it specifically says bin Laden was planning attacks on U.S. soil or it doesn't. My guess is that it doesn't, but McClatchey quotes an anonymous official as saying Tenet's warning rated a "10 on a scale of 1 to 10." Fine, but the only way to know for sure is to see the slides. So let's see 'em."
* Drum:
"MOYERS ON ABRAMOFF....One reason that the Foley scandal probably has more legs than the Abramoff scandal (besides sex, Sex, SEX!) is that it's nice and simple. The Abramoff scandal, by contrast, is mind-numbingly complex.

But now there's a way for you to catch up. Bill Moyers is returning to PBS and the first episode of his new show is "Capitol Crimes," a 2-hour roundup of the Abramoff scandal and its related web of corruption. It'll be airing Wednesday at 9 pm and it's probably worth watching. A 3-minute preview is up on YouTube here."
* arthur:
"If the fallout from the Foley scandal makes it appear inevitable that the Democrats will take the House, the Iran card may be the surest one, and perhaps the only one, that the Bush administration has left to play."
* teemu:
"Let dems rejoice while they still can... I'm holding my breath, waiting for the counterattack that MUST be on it's way. Desperate times call for drastic measures - I'm sure that simple Osama tape won't do this time."

* Don (responding to teemu):
"That's the fucked up (and frustrating) thing about all of this, that, strictly speaking, there's been no 'attack' to counter; it's just GOP malfeasance coming out en masse. Some days it seems they're thinking the only way to get peoples' minds of a new scandal is an even bigger scandal.

The Dem's better get their collective shit together and soon, focus together on the big goal and worry about the details later. Otherwise, the GOP meme will shortly be "the Dems couldn't do squat even with our asses hanging out"; they're always focused on the finish line, screw the details."

* billmon quotes McCroskey from Airplane (not my fave zucker film, that would be this) and he notes:
"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit blogging."
Yay, us.

* i hope Tom DeLay can get dragged in to the Foley thing.

* from kathleen, this article is for Don (registration req'd) re a shitfite between Simmons and Murtha on submarine funding.

* Ace:
"That's it for me.

Goodbye GOP.

Perhaps we should make peace with Zawahiri as well? Let's negotiate, and see what terms we can get as good dhimmis.

The hell with the lot of them."

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Don said...

* from kathleen, this article is for Don (registration req'd) re a shitfite between Simmons and Murtha on submarine funding.

In a nutshell, Simmons brags on his website that he fought for sub funding, didn't get it, and says later he didn't expect to but plans to continue the fight for said funds in '08. (wow, a recyclable campaign promise... don't think it'll get the Gore or Green votes; might get the LockMart stamp of approval, though)

So Murtha calls bullshit, publicly, and Simmons cries foul while admitting that he was pissing into the wind on it in the first place.

Gotta love how some of the Repubs can talk out of both sides of their face and their ass simultaneously.

Thanks, Kath!!