Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dan Froomkin

* froomkin:
"Dana Milbank of The Washington Post cuts right to the heart of the problem: "President Bush has always been a disciplined man, but yesterday he set a new standard for self-control: He moderated an hour-long discussion about the rash of school shootings in the past week without once mentioning the word 'guns.' .
Milbank notes that Bush "labeled the violence 'inexplissible,' apparently merging 'inexplicable' and 'inexpressible.' And he had to guide the discussion away from one panelist's remark about 'computer predators' -- a dangerous topic during the Mark Foley scandal.""

* froomkin:
"The e-mailed (blinky speech) excerpt was so partisan that it made me wonder: Is there any distinction between the Republican National Committee press office and the White House's?

You might expect e-mails from the latter to have some tenuous connection to governing -- leaving the overt politicking to the former. But that is apparently no longer the case."

* froomkin:
Christopher Dickey writes in his Newsweek column that the Bush administration has been "so obsessed with its glorious fight against evil that it failed to contain the burgeoning dangers in the real world all around us."

* Froomkin liveonline:
St. Petersburg, Fla.: I hope that Helen Thomas is right when she asserts that the press is now "coming out of its coma," but I have my doubts. The evidence that exposes the incompetence and sheer malevolence of this administration has been available for ages. And who's listening? The real question is if the the American public will awaken from its slumber. Your thoughts?

Dan Froomkin: I think the public was way ahead of the press corps in determining that Bush was not credible. Look at the poll numbers. For instance, a majority of Americans has been saying for more than two years that they think Bush deliberately misled us into war.

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