Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley, Democrat

* sargent:
"Kirk Fordham, the longtime top adviser to Mark Foley who resigned today as chief of staff to NRCC chief Tom Reynolds, has just told the Associated Press that he told Speaker Dennis Hastert's office about Foley's conduct two years ago and asked the leadership "to intervene" in Foley's case -- a year before GOP House leaders have claimed they heard about it. If true, this revelation blows apart the official House leadership line that they were first alerted to the problem when they learned of the "overly friendly" emails. What's more, Fordham also says he'll disclose to the FBI and House ethics committee "any and all meetings and phone calls" regarding Foley's behavior that he had with senior leadership staffers. In other words, this is just getting started."

* for teemu, wapo has some post-foley poll-parsing.

* digby:
"Honestly, when all the smoke has cleared (if it ever does) I think the overriding lesson we can take from all this is that when someone looks and acts incredibly stupid or incredibly crazy they probably shouldn't be elected president and vice president of the United States. Perhaps this is the insight that could heal the red-blue divide once and for all."
* first hannity, now oreilly calls foley a dem


rimone said...

they actually put that D-FL nonsense on TV?

shows what they think of the assholes who watch, as well as the entire nation.

fuck hannity and o'reilly.

LeeB said...

Rimone, this would be FAUX 'fair and balanced' in action: A Republican face balanced by Democratic graphic.

('Truth' is not part of FAUX 'fair and balanced' news coverage. A couple of years ago, FAUX won a case on appeal in which the Federal judges - Reagan appointees - ruled that we have free speech in the U.S. and FAUX can lie in news presentations if they want to.)

Hope this helps.

Now, please excuse me. I have to resume banging my head on the wall . . .

lukery said...

rimone - don't look at the 2nd pic here

lukery said...

leeb - use a pillow

rimone said...

fucking liars who get away w/whatever cause they know their viewers/readers are totally uninformed.