Thursday, October 05, 2006

Please hang on for two more days, Denny.

* someone's president speaks:
"Said Bush: "We just have a fundamental difference, and it's a key difference for all Americans to look at and listen to. During the debate on the Senate floor, one senior Democrat, their ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, compared the brave Americans who question the terrorists to the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. I believe this exposes a dangerous mind-set on the part of Democrats in the United States Congress. You can't defend America if you can't tell the difference between brave CIA officers who protect their fellow citizens and brutal dictators who kill their citizens. (Applause.)"
* brithume's top two stories are about Foley et al. It looks like Fox is throwing both Reynolds and Hastert into the trash. Meanwhile, Krauthammer says that it's all over for the leadership.

* Josh:
"Unless Hastert and Co. can thoroughly discredit Fordham in the next few hours (and oh are they going to try) I'd figure Hastert is gone by this time tomorrow if not sooner. And just as a capital ship generates a giant whirlpool as it founders and disappears into the sea, I'm sure he'll be taking several with him."
Please hang on for two more days, Denny.


rimone said...

for christ's fucking sake, he's not ANYone's president, dammit. this pisses me off more than i can say. he's sitting his ass in the oval office, playing the role of, but certainly wasn't elected either time.

lukery said...

he sure aint mine.