Sunday, October 01, 2006

Foley folly

* emptywheel on Foley et al:
"In any case, I think at every Dem-GOP appearance between now and the election, the Dem should ask, "are there other sexual predators your party is hiding?"

Make them all guilty, for their cover-up."
* mamayaga on Foley:
"It's possible Rove is the source of this story. If the R leadership has known about this for almost a year, it's possible they've been holding it in reserve to use if big-time distraction is needed. I don't think the story that needs masking is the torture bill (Americans have been proven to be completely craven on that issue), nor do I think it's the revelations in Woodward's new book (what we know about so far is the same story Americans have been ignoring for years), so what is it? Is Fitz about to indict? Maybe on the war crimes Congress just excused Bush for? Maybe there's a real blockbuster in Woodward's book that hasn't yet leaked?"

* RS:
"A press release issued on Saturday by the Democratic National Committee asks why a Republican House leader covered up sex crimes.

"Why Did Tom Reynolds Cover Up Congressman’s Sex Crimes?" asks the DNC press release sent to RAW STORY."
* atrios:
"The guys responsible for covering up Predatorgate are having fundraisers for the guy who settled a multimillion dollar lawsuit over accusations he choked his young mistress.

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rimone said...

yup, fam'bly values. as everyone has said so many times before on almost EVERYTHING else these fuckwits have perverted, imagine if these were Democratic party members.

fuck 'em all.