Thursday, October 26, 2006

George Bush, a man before his time?

* AP:
""Sidelined by scandal, House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been largely absent from the campaign trail this month as Democrats mount their strongest challenge in a decade to the Republicans' grip on the House."
* josh:
"Let's be candid. Go ten, twenty, fifty years, whatever into the future. Which is more likely, that our descendents will marvel at the folly of our adventure in Iraq or marvel that the American people were too impatient to give his policies a chance?

George Bush, a man before his time?

Think about it."

* tradesports has 2/1 the GOP keeps the house and 3/1 the Dems taking the Senate. In other words, despite what we are seeing in the media, the betting markets are saying that the chances of the repugs keeping the House is significantly better than the chance of the Dems taking the Senate.

* miamiherald:
"The New York businessman who joined a powerhouse Washington lobbyist to purchase a fleet of South Florida gambling ships surrendered to federal authorities Monday to begin a nearly six-year prison term for his fraud conviction related to the sale.

On Monday, Adam Kidan made the one-hour drive from his Long Island home to the Fort Dix Federal Prison in New Jersey, trading his expensive suit for a drab prison uniform for his role in a fraudulent loan deal to buy Dania Beach-based SunCruz Casinos."

* AP:
" Public corruption cases brought by Justice Department prosecutors in Washington are on the rise, fueled in part by investigations targeting Republican lawmakers in Congress.

With the Nov. 7 elections looming, prosecutors have moved forward on investigations of three GOP lawmakers in the last month alone. And several Justice Department officials privately hint that even more inquiries - involving Republicans and Democrats alike - may be under way."
FWIW, there appear to be two headlines that are running with this story. Some have gone with "Bush prosecutors targeting GOP lawmakers" and others (Fox, Forbes) with "US Prosecutors Targeting GOP Lawmakers"

* AP:
"A former Defense Department official was sentenced to 18 months in prison and another pleaded guilty Tuesday to selling military equipment in the Middle East and pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars."

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