Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jerome Corsi, nutball.

* Jane:
"It's quite remarkable to see the incredulity with which the traditional media are greeting Rush Limbaugh's comments about Michael J. Fox, as if nothing like this has ever happened before. They seem completely unable to come to grips either with what is happening, or why it's happening, or the role they are expected to play in this sordid, repetitious little drama."
* corn pens a letter from the president.

* Lockheed Martin:
" Turkey's Air Force has selected (Lockheed's) F-35 Lightning II, over Europe's Eurofighter Typhoon for the NATO nation's 15-year, $10 billion program to buy about 100 new-generation fighter aircraft, Turkish procurement and military officials said."
mizgin has more. our friends cohen, grossman and ralston were front & center.

* ron at Raw:
"A major anti-immigration group is accusing the Bush Administration of creating a "shadow government," by "engaging in collaborative relations with Mexico and Canada outside the U.S. Constitution," RAW STORY has learned.
The documents can be viewed on the Minuteman Project's Stop the Security and Prosperity Project page, but there's no mention of any particular "smoking gun" which could proves the contention that the White House has created a shadow government. The anti-immigration group appears to consider the mere existence of communications among bureaucrats from the three countries as proof of their assertions."
* opednews (via froomkin and K):
"With increased consciousness of the dangers of electronic vote-counting technology, there is increasing grassroots pressure for independent election verification. In elections around the world, public-domain exit polls are central to such efforts. Unfortunately, US media consortium exit pollsters have announced that they will no longer release any data even to their media clients until they can "correct" their numbers so as to make them conform to the official count. In other words, what they report is no longer exit poll data at all, but rather a meaningless affirmation of official numbers."
thant's comforting.

* wow. an interesting article in the SeattlePI about Edwin Wilson trying to get himself exonerated. (thnx miguel)

* ehren watada's father Bob is on a national speaking tour starting today. details here. good luck bob.


Don said...

Turkey selected the F-35, huh? Colour me shocked...


rimone said...

US media consortium exit pollsters have announced that they will no longer release any data even to their media clients until they can "correct" their numbers so as to make them conform to the official count.

jesus fucking christ--aren't there laws against this?

i wonder what Glenn Greenwald thinks but i can't be arsed to even go over there anymore.

lukery said...

the exit-polls rock in ukraine

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Robert Parry: The Original October Surprise.

[In the 1980s I was newly married and my brother and I were self-employed, trying to make our way in the world. We might have done it if it hadn't been for the GOP, although we stuck with it longer than most people in town, and some of their companies had been around over 100 years. If six years of Dubya seems like a lifetime, I can't tell you how long 12 years of Reagan/Bush was. Almost every bank and savings and loan disappeared, and the economy hasn't been the same since. When I think about how it started, as Parry describes, I get mad all over again. It's so discouraging that people are historically disconnected to the point that any of them will vote for the GOP.]

Kathleen said...

Thanks for posting Bob Watada's speaking tour schedule, my favorite topic these days.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Isn't it odd how both this site and RS are in the role of Bush apologists when it comes to the obvious attempts to integrate the Mexican/Canadian/U.S. economies. Check out my NorthAmericanUnion category for several links, or try this.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Lonewackodotcom, what in heaven's name are you saying? People commenting on this site are Bush apologists? The only apology I have for Bush would come when he's walking up the stairs of a gallows, and I'd confide, "I'm sorry this day didn't come sooner."

rimone said...

lol, Uranus.