Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hastert must resign

* jeralyn:
"What is it with members of Congress that they think entering alcohol rehab is an appropriate response to whatever misdeeds they are accused of? Mark Foley is the latest"
* abc:
"In addition to explicit sexual language, former Congressman Mark Foley's Internet messages also include repeated efforts to get the underage recipient to rendezvous with him at night.

"I would drive a few miles for a hot stud like you," Foley said in one message obtained by ABC News."

* tpmm:
"Now, House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) has called on "the ethics committee, the Justice Department, the news media - or anyone who can [help]" to track down the source of those IM transcripts. Does this mean Hastert wants to go after the kids, for failing to report crimes against them?"
* tpmm:
"Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) actively pressured a page for a sexual rendezvous, according to Instant Message conversations obtained by ABC News. Under the law that Foley helped enact, solicitation of a minor could lead to a lengthy prison sentence."

* glenn:
"This story really can't end unless and until Hastert resigns."
* glenn:
"It really is hard to believe how tailor-made and perfect this scandal is. It guts every Republican advantage and inflames every one of their disadvantages."

* via atrios:
"BRIAN ROSS: So far, Foley is the only member whose overt sexual approaches have been documented. Charlie?

CHARLES GIBSON: The only one to be documented, but are there other shoes to drop?

ROSS: We’re hearing quite a bit from former pages. They’re sending us all sorts of messages about possible other members."


rimone said...

we can only hope...october's not over yet. fuck knows what they have up their increasingly filthy sleeves.

Don said...

CHARLES GIBSON: The only one to be documented, but are there other shoes to drop?

I've got a bag of popcorn and a case of beer waiting for links tying Foley to Duke n' Jack's parties... and their clients' interviews... and the additional questions they'll raise...

lukery said...

(stoopid alert)
don - which client interviews are yuo referring to?

Don said...

Sorry, typed that before the coffee was done brewing... altogether I think I was thinking of interviews conducted with the "hired, likely female but possibly including some males, entertainment" as to whatever congresscritters, lobbyists, industry bigwigs or other movers and shakers might have been 'serviced', so 'client' probably wasn't the right word... that'll teach me to kick up the laptop right off the bat in the AM.

Damned 'ongoing investigations'... when/if it ever comes out, assuming it isn't classified under some natsec pretense, it'll be interesting to see the names on the guest list. Foley being one of them could add a new shade to the whole ongoing mess right now, as could the precise ages of the hired hands if they're shown to have been a little on the young side.

lukery said...

i thuoght that might be what you meant.

yep - i wouldnt be surprised if the reason they kept the foley thing covered up was because of certain secrets that the rest of them would prefer to keep secret...