Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hastert should resign over Turkish bribes

* jeralyn:
"Mark your calendars. October 5 has been declared a day of "No Work. No School. Protest in the Streets."

On October 2 and 5, New York City will be the site of a protest against the military commissions/torture bill, organized by The World Can't Wait."
* miguel:
"They won't call for Hastert to resign over Turkish bribes, but the little pedophile scandal is enough to get the outrage of the people going..."
I'll take what i can get. I've got my Rove-indictment champagne ready!

* athenae:
"There are a number of tasteless jokes that come to mind.

Along the lines of thinking that nobody will be calling the GOP the "daddy party" for quite some time.

Seriously, though, I'd like to know what the security moms think of all this. Remember the security moms? That constituency, the talking heads told us, that trusted Big Ol' Cowboy George to protect the womenfolk and their young'uns from Snidely Abu el Whiplash or whoever the hell the dangerous villain was that day. Women think Republicans can protect their kids better, in this world of violence and the Internet and rap music and natalism and gays and ... I'm sorry, give it a minute. The screaming will stop on its own.

I'd like to know what the security moms have to say now, because, you know, there's a fairly easy statement to be made about how if you can't trust Republicans to keep 16-year-olds safe in their own building, how can you expect them to protect the country? There's also some conclusions to be drawn about what happens to children when they're left in Republican care, which some enterprising Democrat could make great hay with if they want to appeal to the Obnoxious Mommy Cult Chis and Timmeh keep telling me are sure-fire Republican voters.

I'd like to know what the security moms have to say because when they're done, I'd like to point out that we fucking told you these guys weren't fit to protect a piece of cheese from a mouse much less a country. Jesus.

You know, I've gotten past the point where I expect balance in our punditry, or commitment to the truth, or basic logic. I would, however, like some kind of consistency. For the past six years we've been fed a steady diet of the following: It's All About Your Kids, The Internet is Satan, Gays are Gonna Git Ya, and Republicans Will Save You From It All. And now we have Gay Republicans Preying on Your Kids Over the Internet While Other Republicans Cover It Up. If you can't get a few good panels together to discuss that one, I'm sorry, ain't nothing I can do for you."

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