Sunday, October 08, 2006

Have you seen start of new Battlestar Galactica season yet?

i havent seen Galactica, but everyone is talking about it.

calipendence via email:
Have you seen start of new Battlestar Galactica season yet?


I just saw the first two hours of it a bit ago. We've been talking about the relevance of V for Vendetta and Amerika a lot the last few weeks to what's going on now. Damn, but the opening episodes of this season of "New Caprica" is a complete metaphor for what's going on in Occupied Iraq! Damn it's good! Complete with the thorny questions of suicide bombing as a tactic for insurgency or not. Basically the human race on New Caprica is made to look like the Iraqi insurgents in Iraq against an overwhelming occupying force (they Cylons), who claim to be there for "peaceful reasons", but of course are there for nothing but that.

As some on this Democratic Underground thread said, this is another in the line of real high quality entertainment that hopefully will get through to those stationed in Iraq and the other mindless folks out there that need "waking up"!

A few reviews: and Free Internet Press

Damn this is good! Good art will never die!

I can put this in my bundle of DVDs for Amerika too!

We should start a thread on this. Don't know if you all can get those episodes out there, but perhaps we can do a KTM and Battlestar Galactica "swap" meet! :)

And on a related topic, one thing I've noticed is that I can't think of hardly anyone doing a serious effort of making a truly good analogy of what's happening in Iraq, and in our country as a video game. There are so many video game addicts out there, that don't even tune into TV or films, news, etc. that are lost to us and the other "violence worshipping" video games with no meaningful message substance.

Even if it has to live with the violence most games are used to, if there could be a huge game hit that takes shots at Bush and our Iraq policy, perhaps that could also be a big swing in the right ('er left) direction!

calipendence is smart. listen, get active, like calipendence,


rimone said...

they just took BG off sky3 (free) and moved it to another sky channel so i have no idea what's going on. but a few months ago, chris dl'd all the eps from the first two seasons off bit-torrent and we watched them here. i was very happy to see that they were reflecting shit going on in amerika, in an 'art imitates life' kinda way.

lol, one more night to wait for 'death of a president' over here, i am STOKED.

and i shall refrain from commenting on any art/life imitates life/art, just y'know, cause.

calipendence said...

For those still who haven't seen this yet and can get access to the Sci Fi channel, here's some airing times still remaining where they appear to be repeating this thing "liberally" (pun intended!). Times in PST.

- 10-08-06 (tonight) - 8:00-10:00 PM PST
- 10-09-06 - 8:00-10:00 PM PST
- 10-10-06 - 1:00 PM PST
- 10-13-06 - 10:00 AM PST
- 10-14-06 - midnight PST

Of course the next episode kicks in on:
- 10-13-06 - 6:00 PM PST
- 10-13-06 - 8:00 PM PST

Those not familiar with the series so far might also want to tune into "The Story So Far" episode, which summarizes the story up to this point. Of course most of us here I think have watched the first two seasons. That shows one more time at 10:00 PM PST tomorrow night (10-09-06).

Damn Rimone, I could package an Amerika "series" with this episode of Galactica on DVD and send to you if you could get me a copy of the "Death of a President" (or KTM for that matter). I'd love to see that show too!

Interesting story at the post office yesterday... I went to pick up a package there (with a just ordered Iraq For Sale and season 2 part 2 of BG DVDs in it), and I also decided to drop off my yearly contribution to the ACLU. On the back I put one of my "Free Sibel" postage pals. The postal worker who got my package/took my mail flipped over my mail and did a double-take to look at the postage pal. She's an attractive lady who looks to be/has an accent of middle eastern descent. She brought back my package and gave me a bigger than usual smile then. So hopefully this sort of activism will work down the line as the letter gets moved in other places. I need to use them more often and use the snail mail more often.

calipendence said...

Woops, perhaps "most of you" haven't had a chance to watch the first two seasons just yet. Bad cut and paste from another messag board post I made. All the same, it might be useful as an "intro" for some tuning in for the first time who want to appreciate this episode more.

Don said...

It's been an excellent series thus far. Especially interesting (as far at the GSF might be concerned) have been several episodes with a decidedly political bent: campaigning, spin, defining the debate, damage control, attempts to steal the election, corruption, dirty tricks, religious issues, propaganda, it's all there. It's much grittier than the original, but far more human for that. If you can, get it.

Last I'd heard, season 3 was supposed to premiere on the 6th, so I've been concentrating on the webisodes for my fix til then. Then I check out yesterday and discover the season was 3 shows in... ARRRRRRGH!!!

calipendence said...

Speaking of art as a commentary on current reality, I'm just seeing that the newest film starring Robin Williams and Christopher Walken's plot seriously takes on the issues of election fraud. It's titled "Man of the Year" and is opening in theaters this Friday here in the states. I think I'll try and get to see that in the coming weeks.

A review here.

lukery said...

Rimone/CP - I see the rights to Death Of have been sold in America.


rimone said...

Calipendence: Damn Rimone, I could package an Amerika "series" with this episode of Galactica on DVD and send to you if you could get me a copy of the "Death of a President" (or KTM for that matter). I'd love to see that show too!

my tape deck is fucked and i don't have the capacity to make DVDs over here, or else i'd be pleased to.

luke, about DOAP in the States, i read tristero on digby last night; dig the comments here (the entire post is wonderful):