Sunday, October 08, 2006

some of your favorite tubes tunes

what's blastin? sinead o'connor's TROY - one of my fave tracks ever (in all of it's many variants)

i've been thinking about doing a 'fave album' post - but i have no idea what mine is - and i'm not saying that TROY is my fave track - but tell me about some of your favorite tubes tunes

(sinead has finished, am listening to lemonheads now)


rimone said...

i'm blasting Fluke's 'Rissoto' album in my i-tunes, then comes their 'Puppy.' :-)

Superteemu said...

I was cooking and listening to Ástor Piazzolla (dramatic, jazzy argentinian tango, you may have heard "Libertango".) Helps me to fool myself to think that I'm having dinner in classy mediterranean restaurant. (Ha!)

Speaking of tunes + tubes, here's my favourite, a bit disturbing, antiwar-themed Youtube (music) video.

lukery said...

teemu - cooking and music are perfect bedfolk