Thursday, October 19, 2006

I think I'd just commit suicide

* AP:
"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday that U.N. sanctions are a clear warning the international community is united in opposing North Korea's nuclear ambitions and Iran should take heed that it could face a similar rebuke.
Rice pointedly challenged Iran to learn a lesson from the international reaction to the North Korean atomic test.

"The greatest challenge to the nonproliferation regime comes from countries that violate their pledges to respect the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The North Korean regime is one such case, but also so is Iran," she said. "The Iranian government is watching and it can now see that the international community will respond to threats from nuclear proliferation."

Rice said she expected the Security Council to begin work this week on an Iran sanctions resolution."
Jeebus. ummmm, the DPRK pulled out of the NPT, and the Iranians are meeting their NPT obligations. The DPRK have tested a nuclear weapon, and the Iranians can barely enrich uranium to 5%, and the Iranians have about 50 instead of the 50,000 centrifuges they need (or whatever the number is)

* kathleen:
"Well I guess we still have the right to particpate in the electoral farce, for what that's worth."
sheesh. i don't even get that 'right.' Nor can i donate - but Howie & FDL are asking people to donate $5.

* amy:
"Report: Bush Admin Revives Insurgent Amnesty Push
Meanwhile, the Financial Times is reporting the Bush administration has revived its campaign to pressure the Iraqi government to issue a broad amnesty to insurgent groups. American and Iraqi officials initially floated the idea in June but backtracked amid Congressional opposition to granting amnesty to those responsible for the deaths of US troops."

* amy:
UN Warns Israel on Lebanon Overflights
In Lebanon, UN peacekeepers have reportedly warned Israel they may open fire if Israeli warplanes continue flights over Lebanese airspace. The warning was disclosed by Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz during testimony before the Israeli Knesset this week. Peretz says Israel will ignore the warnings and continue the flights.

* jane:
"The GOP seems to be in the midst of a meltdown that Shays typifies — they've lost their bearings, they have completely unrealistic assessments of the situation they face, and they can't play defense. They just keep stumbling around like a pack of drunken frat boys who can't find their car keys, saying weird and irrational things.

But the one thing that seems to unite them all: they place a curious hope in the future of Joe Lieberman."
* abc:
"ABC News' David Chalian reports: While campaigning for Republicans in Iowa today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) jokingly said "I think I'd just commit suicide," when he was asked how he would react if the Democrats gained majority control of the United States Senate."
on nov 8 we could leave a pistol in on the desk of every repug congresscritter (and for everyone else in the egadministration) and leave them the *ahem* gentlemanly option (not that they deserve it)

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