Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lamont unaware that Sikorski had lost the Marine One contract

In the comments to my recent post about Weldon's other daughter Kim, and the puported Finmecc payoff to the Italians, apparently for the Niger forgery deal (!))

Don says something experty-sounding here, and kathleen says:
"Congressman Rob Simmons said that the administration is who wanted to give the Marine One contract to Finmeccanica, that he was 1 of 7 who voted against it. Simmons also said it was because their design was superior to Sikorski's. I'm wondering when competance became a priority to this administration.

Also, during the Bolton non-confirmation hearings, I read somewhere (ed: here) that Castellaneto was the person who delivered the Niger forgeries to the State Department in d.c. Cui bono and quid pro quo, rolled into one.

I asked Ned Lamont about this. He was unaware that Sikorski had lost the Marine One contract. I gave him the articles about it and asked him to challenge Joe Lieberman when he makes claims about bringing jobs to CT., but so far he hasn't mentioned it. I'm disappointed. It seems so key to me."
and Don follows up with:
"Granting that I still feel the 101's the better suited aircraft for the role, it'd be the right plane for all the wrong reasons: the FinnMecc payoff, the whole Weldon/Bryen thing, and political sops to the GOP south (Lockheed-Martin's mainly in Georgia and Texas, Bell in Texas, although Marine One will be built in Dem NY)."

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