Monday, October 16, 2006

like methed-up meerkats

* athenae:
"Even if we manage to eke out the slimmest of margins of victory next month, we're going to have a Democratic Congress that'll be like a newborn effin' deer, and we'll need to continue to poke and prod and beat and cajole and reward and shout just as loud if we win as if we lost. We're going to need to keep writing Harry letters and sending Barbara flowers and answering Kerry's e-mails with "so what are you going to do about it, white boy?" and cheering them on to greater things, and it's an exhausting thought, the thought that this fight's just starting and it's so much more than politics, so much more than one election. It's about what kind of country we are and what kind of country we want to become, and I know of no better place to have that conversation, no better group of people to have it with."

* frank rich unleashed (thnx jen):
"A Washington Post poll last week found that two-thirds of Americans believe that Democrats would behave just as badly as the Hastert gang in covering up a scandal like this to protect their own power. They are no doubt right. But the reason why the Foley scandal has legs — and why it has upstaged most other news, from the Congressional bill countenancing torture to North Korea’s nuclear test — is not just that sex trumps everything else in a tabloid-besotted America. The Republicans, unlike most Democrats (Joe Lieberman always excepted), can’t stop advertising their “family values,” which is why their pitfalls are as irresistible as a Molière farce. It was entertaining enough to learn that the former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed wanted to go “humping in corporate accounts” with the corrupt gambling lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The only way that comic setup could be topped was by the news that Mr. Foley was chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus. It beggars the imagination that he wasn’t also entrusted with No Child Left Behind."

* callahan:
"A Watershed in History

My six-year-old son today asked me, "What's a blog?"

I gave the response I usually do: "It's a web log."

He came back, "What's a log?"

He is the first person I've met who had heard of a blog without having heard of a log.

* quote of the day from cannon:
" Soon, we all hopped up and down like methed-up meerkats"
i heart meerkats.


rimone said...

i *heart* meerkats as well, in fact, i *heart* anything covered in fur. (another D Wayne quote which you choose to disdain...poor luke, lol)

ps, the stories over at the link, especially the comments, are wonderful. :-)

lukery said...

meerkats are front & center when yuo walk into the melbourne zoo! (a lovely zoo to visit if you are ever in town)