Monday, October 16, 2006

Six years ago, nobody knew...

* from booman's place:
"Six years ago, pretty much nobody knew what white phosphorus could do. Or that how much torture is ok was something that would get a serious national debate. Six years ago, our president upheld his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Six years ago, nobody knew what Brewster Jennings really was about. Or what the FISA laws were. Or the IIPA."
* arianna:
"As Bill Curry puts it in the Hartford Courant , "Inundated with insider advice, [Lamont] grew more cautious; his message became blurred and ineffective...Three televised debates in the next eight days may tell the outcome. To win, Lamont must come off the ropes and go on the attack."
Lamont is somehow letting Joe Lieberman get away with being the only candidate in the country who's actually benefiting from running as a Republican."
* everyone is wondering whether karl can 'pull off' the election in 3 weeks, particularly given the apparent perkiness of the boy prince and turdblossom. here's EW & booman for example. The problem is, as i see it, the election isn't close enough to steal - and even guys like fred barnes are predicting that they'll lose the House - which means they are going to have to do something *really* dramatic to justify stealing it.

* meanwhile, tradesports has GOP control of the House at 35% (down 10 points in a fortnight - which isn't nearly as significant as it sounds) and the Senate at 70%


Kathleen said...

As Luke knows, ever since I returned to CT in June, I've been concerned about the Lamont campaign because his staff seems so very inexperienced. Although opposition to Bush is highest in CT. I was surprised Lamont actually won the primary.

It feels like paint by numbers poltics, some canned positions with no depth of research or data, nothing orignal, and a group of kids who took a DFA workshop and presume they know more than anyone else. CT. is a pretty savvy place, but you would think volunteers were bumpkins. No need for ideas or suggestions, just show up and hand out butoons, with virtually no advance notice. Trying to suggest ways to increase visability and generate excitement is an exercise in futility. It's like being in summer camp.

Its a lost opportunity. Lamont could have kept his lead, but they just don't know what they are doing and what's worse, they don't know they don't know what they are doing. I could give you examples, but its too discouraging. Maybe we'll have miracle, anyway?

Kathleen said...

Speaking of miracles, Steve Clemons is reporting that Joe Lieberman has changed his position on John Bolton's confirmation and is now supporting Bolton.

Geeeezus, Joe, even Repugnicans don't like the abusive bully.

Now if we can only get Ned to speak up loud and claer, he might close the gap. CT. is VERY supportive of the UN and always celebrates UN week across the State. This will not sit well with CT. voters.