Sunday, October 08, 2006

my toolbar reads

in case you are interested, my toolbar reads:
commondreams (nyt eds)

if i was a good housekeeper, it would look different.

how bout your toolbar?

update: rimone wants a pic (click for large version):

all those funny icons along the top row are the sites I've listed above (for some reason Opera screws with the icons - I don't really have C&L up there for times.) FYI - the second row is the open tabs.

(as an aside, let me repeat, i know that some of you come here by searching for 'wotisitgood4' - i still haven't learnt how to type that, it's very cumbersome. You might find it easier if you search for 'Lukery')


rimone said...

do you mean your open tabs? if not, i wanna screenshot ASAP.

my toolbar or whatever has the normal things like 'stop' and 'reload' and 'back' &c (no fucking 'home' (whether on a PC or mac, i go into browser preferences and at homepage, put in about:blank which makes whatever browser load much faster)

rimone said...

lol, as far as 'welcome to pottersville' i used to read him until he began blog-whoring all over everyone else's comments. now i ignore him and get the same copied stuff over at jen's place ( or over at the unknown candidate at blogspot.

and /i/ thought i was an attention whore. his shite really does make me a bit more ill than normal and i lost all respect for him when he shut down jurassic pork only to begin again w/some lame excuse a few days later.

yes, i make snap decisions--life is short, lol.

starroute said...

Three good blogs that I don't see on your list are

This Modern World is Tom Tomorrow's blog -- essential reading, as far as I'm concerned.

The Yorkshire Ranter is fairly idiosyncratic -- and I don't read him regularly -- but is often informative and seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of technical details involving ships and planes and the business dealings of Viktor Bout.

Fred Clark of slacktivist is a liberal Christian from the Philadelphia area who's given to attacks of strong indignation over torture and paragraph-by-paragraph dissections of the moral failings of the Left Behind books. His writing style is engaging, and his posts of the past week (October 2-9) have been particularly insightful. Here's a sample:

One of the problems with torture is that somebody has to carry it out -- someone has to do it, has to inflict deliberate, coercive pain on another individual. And in the doing of it, it doesn't matter a bit what this inflicting of coercive pain is called, whether the word torture is used or some nicer-sounding euphemism like "tough" or "aggressive tactics."

And most people can't do this. They just can't. Not at first anyway. This is part of why the word "inhumanity" means what it means.

Soldiers can be trained, conditioned -- almost programmed -- to obey orders, so they can always be ordered to perform this "duty." But soldiers are also trained to respect things like honor, and given such orders most soldiers will refuse. Some few will comply, accepting that their superiors must have some greater good, some greater purpose in mind. And following their orders, they may, as ordered, betray their own instincts and their own sense of honor. But such "good soldiers," ordered to become bad soldiers, bad men, burn out pretty quickly. They become substance abusers or suicides, or some sad halfway case.

Which leaves only one reliable group of people who can be counted on to perform this duty: Those who enjoy it. These people -- the sociopaths, the sadists, those who find cruelty sexually gratifying -- must be deputized, empowered and rewarded for their work.

(More at link. All of it good.)

lukery said...

Rimone - i mean toolbar (opera). yep - it's pretty busy. just a series of little icons and i have to remember which is which.

i hardly ever go to pottersville - and i know he likes to whore. i only put it up there to get the opeds. i'll switch that one over to if she has them.

lukery said...

starroute - thnx for that - i don't regularly read that - i'll add it to the list. - i used to read him when i was chasing down Bout. - thnx for this. actually, i quoted the piece that you quoted on torture just last week. i'll try to make that a regular stop.

lukery said...

rimone - post updated with pic

rimone said...

thank you sweet boy--i love the Hunter quote in my random quote generator.

starroute: This Modern World is Tom Tomorrow's blog -- essential reading, as far as I'm concerned.

yup, and so's slacktivist but i only read him like once a week now.